Welcome to Henry Game’s twisted mind

The lights are on...kind of

The lights are on…kind of

Welcome to the digital swamp of Henry Game’s, mental excretions. It’s gooey. Careful not to get any on your clothes, it does not come out in the wash!
Please feel free to read through the ‘blogs’ and make your own assumptions about the true identity of the man they call Henry Game.
Henry is happy with people wishing to leave comments or complaints, he just won’t publish the latter…also, Henry has expressly insisted that he is encouraged by people liking and sharing his peculiar, if not quite uncouth, thoughts, and he wishes for this to continue, if it pleases the reader.
This site is not for the passive consumers of mass culture, perpetually feeding this existence of subdued reality…oh no. It shall, and will, require the reader to step ‘outside’ of their comfort zone and see things the way Mr. Game does. Turn away now if you feel like your ignoramus mind cannot handle it.
Thank you and happy reading.

Last words: feel free to send Henry any relevant theory that you may think helps paint a clearer picture of the ever elusive traveller, Henry Game.


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