Henry Game’s (unofficial) trails through history

who is henry gameThroughout the ages, since his appearance in the well, almost 700 years ago, we have been able to track Henry Game’s unnatural influence and ability, through using the new digital media technologies such as the internet. Some people may be sceptical, Henry Game doesn’t care. Some people may think these stories and accounts are totally fabricated, again, Henry doesn’t care. And yes, Henry does often refer to himself in the third person. So confident of his ability to cover his tracks, Henry has nothing to worry about. You will never find a photograph of his face, nor any further condemning evidence of his existence. It is rumoured that he has no identifiable blood type and no finger prints. Some people have said he is as tall as a giraffe, and others say he is just of average height. However, these accounts should help you paint a clearer image in your mind as to who, or what Henry Game really is?

Alas! we have take off!! And it has come from the most un-likely of sources. This morning I received a letter. A hand written letter, addressed to me, Henry Game. Most interesting was it wasn’t delivered through the letter box. It was left on the door step. Even more interesting was the person it was written from; Grim Catspaw. Whom I believed to have died during the 1st gulf war. Executed by the forces behind the tyrant of Iraq, it was a very dark time for Henry Game and some say this was the reason behind his mysterious disappearance? Funny it should arrive so soon after his re-appearance. However, Grim had failed to leave a corresponding address, and so I will have to communicate, with him, through these ‘blogs’, I hope you don’t mind? In the interest of clarity I will copy the letter below for you to read;


Bloody Hell! I was under the impression you were ‘laying low’ as they say? Whoever they might be. I’m trying to think of when last we spoke. I think it was the night we shared a cigar and my hip flask, as Toxteth burned in 1981. You lit the cigar on that burning Black Maria if I remember rightly, you rogue. We’ve had some adventures over the years, you and I, have we not? Hi jinx and low places, our catch phrase if you remember my old friend? I have a little ‘something’ going on that may peak your interest if you care to take a look? There is no rush though. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, that is what you call it is it not? I may even tell a tale or two of some of our adventures. You know I always enjoyed to express myself through the words on a page, and my ambition to record some of the daring escapades, for posterity’s sake. It is good that you are back in the world again, it has been a little quiet without you.

It’s only funny until someone gets hurt.

Your friend



My dear friend Grim,

Many moons have past since the last time we met, as you rightly remember, I did indeed light that cigar from the flames emanating off of that burning shell of a police van. They were interesting times. I was indeed saddened by the news of your demise. It seemed they had double crossed you. Maybe oil had slicked the slippery hand they dealt you? However, and much to my surprise here you still are. Though I do wonder, why have you not contacted me sooner? Is it the Iron-Mask still controlling you? I would have hoped that you had squirmed from under his hammer long, long ago. As you know I did. As I am reminded of everyday…still, the best decision I ever made. Prey tell of the wicked schemes you dare to share with me? You know I love an adventure! I am finding it difficult to express my true thoughts, as I am guarded due to the nature of these ‘blogs’ and the internet. Nothing is private. I suppose nothing ever was, not with you lurking, eh Catspaw! Ha, it is so good to hear from you. Maybe next time you feel like writing me a letter, you might knock on the door? I hope so. Hi jinx and low places!

Your friend

Henry Game

‘The world has always belonged to darkness. For when the light has all but fled, it will be darkness that remains’ Henry Game


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