wellName: Henry Game

Age: Unknown

Current location: Unknown

Sex: Male

Background: Many people have laid claim to ‘personally’ knowing the ever elusive Henry Game. However, none have been able to provide sufficient evidence to confirm their claims and theories. He is rumoured to have close ties with the several Royal families throughout Europe. It has been said that he was found in a well by a monk, without a mother or father to claim him. He was raised by the Monastery in secret and kept hidden from the outside world. Until one fateful day, the King ordered that all Catholicism be abolished, and so the Monastery burned to the ground. Henry watching with innocence, as the only safe and warm home he had known burned, along with the gentle souls who raised him. Then, from that day forth, he set about on his travels to share his insights and knowledge with the world, seemingly and unnaturally ageing at a much slower rate to the rest of the world. For he is said to appear to look like he may be in his early 30’s. However, history tells us that the King who abolished Catholicism was also named Henry, the eighth of his name, and so the legend continues.



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