The Chameleon


Change my perspective. Look at the same situation from a different point of view. Instead of anger what do I feel?

Fury. I still want to take. I still want to become a better person. How can I “self help” myself when I’m not good enough to begin with?

I take and so I feel better for a time. Then something reminds me that I am a 6 and not a 7. I kill because I need to improve. I fear I will never be good enough. There must be others like me?

Are you reading my words?

Do you feel yourself changing like the chameleon? Changing to blend in. Not to stand out.

Balance, it is all about balance. Giving back a greater good than that of which you take is, in the end, good, right?

My goodness outweighs my…bad. I know this. It must.

The one…

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