OK, so I am going back to the previous narrative. This current one has gotten me all moist and sticky from the fucking salt water. It was a horrible time. Canada wasn’t much nicer. Maybe I will jump forwards to the time when the Empire called me back to face this new threat? The threat of Napoleon. Maybe, I don’t know.
Got to bring this tale back to a time when I was a mean motherfucker. Yes, I miss that part, the old me. Shall we go back then?
Do you want to know who was fucking with me?
Did I end the fucking shit bag?
Well, I guess you will have to wait and see. Maybe we will come back to this one, after a bit. Who knows?
Thanks for bearing with me on this journey down memory lane. I just hope that in the end it all makes sense and maybe you can understand why I do the things I do.


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