With The Dawning Of A New Day

‘Listen up and listen up good, if that is fucking salted horsemeat on that fucking tray with a curséd piece of cunting hardtack and cat-piss cider!!’ The limping old fool, AKA “The Limper”, very creative I know, stopped in his tracks, tray still in hand, waiting. I continued, ‘ that you are holding, then you would be best throwing it, along with yourself, over the fucking rail, you creature of the sheep shagging variety!’ I finished, failing to hide my sarcasm and snorting out snot in the process of stifling my laughter. So far as to say, I failed.
The like-wise faux concern dropped from the Limper’s weathered face as he placed my meal of salted horsemeat and hardtack on the table before me like he was presenting the finest cuisine the world has ever seen.
My empty stomach gnarled in sullen contempt but my hands wasted no time in breaking the bland biscuit and stuffing it into my mouth, engorgingly so.
It doesn’t matter what you eat when the hunger has you, it tastes fucking sublime, you will just have to trust me on this.
‘I’ll bring a menu for t’morra’s scoff, if you want captain?’ He was joking, of course he was joking. We ate the same shit everyday.
I smiled back and nodded in feigned excitement ‘why that would be bloody marvellous of you, my Welsh friend!’
He responded by cracking his rotten grin upon me before speaking ‘would you like me to season that fish with a nice oceanic turd, captain?’
I considered it for a moment, doing my best to look truly torn by his gracious offer. I declined by explaining that I would be taking too much from him, he should keep his oceanic shit for himself.
Finally he withdrew, but not before bowing so low that his pubic beard brushed the piss stained plank of my captains quaters floor.
‘Ye will win the hearts o’men with ye steel on these tides.’ It was Claric, he hadn’t left yet. Ireland was just over the horizon and “with the dawning of the new day: Claric would be on his way”…or so he sang.
I offered him half of my tree-bark-biscuit, he declined and hiccuped loudly, like he does. I never saw him eat or drink a single thing, yet he always looked bladdered and was rather on the morbidly obese side of the scales. ‘And what does this bloody puzzle mean to me now? Now whilst I settle to feast?’
He laughed a hearty laugh that brought a warm smile to my face before he spoke, ‘with the dawning of the new day-‘
‘-yeah Claric I know this one. To be honest it’s getting a little old, with the dawning of the new day: Claric will be on his way! Won’t you let me dine in peace?’
‘Soft men will be won by warmth while hard men with steel. The new tide will be the catalyst: with the dawning of the new day, ‘Captain’ Game will be betrayed, blood will stain the waves.’ He was doing that thing again, that thing which was awfully confrontational and, to most people, scary. Not to me though, I just turned my back on him and shivered as I put another piece of cold fish into my mouth. I knew that Claric was different, and perhaps that was what made me pay attention to his warning?
I don’t know, but I do know this, betrayal came fast and cold, like the cold waves of the sea. The honeymoon period was over. It was time to get back to being me.


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