Over The Irish Sea

‘Woooooo!!!’ I screamed, yeah that’s right, I, me, Henry Game,  was having fun. I was fucking freezing but my god it was fun. That was until I heard Skelton’s snivelling approach from on deck behind me.

‘Captain, the men are starting to grow disgruntled. You promised them adventures, gold, tropical pussy?’

I knew this day was coming, and I suppose I was ready to start taking this pirating business seriously, kind of. I didn’t need gold, the men didn’t know that, but I didn’t. What did I need? Adventure? To see the world and conquer it? I rapidly drew in a ragged breath of shock as another ice cold wave sprayed across my naked torso. Living on the cusp of death is an addiction I have never been able to shake.

Now was the time, no more fucking around. I turned around and climbed up from the figure head kissing her head on the way up. I’ll come and see you soon…Mary.

Skelton stood before me with a dramatic look of horror on his bearded, haggard face. ‘B, b. but Captain you will catch your death!’ he proclaimed as he looked at my lack of attire. These men didn’t know me. I specifically wanted it that way, that was why I chose a boat that the mad Queen still had on duty. That was a surprise to her, let me tell you. Crazy bitch.

‘Aye? Remind me again why I made you my first mate and not that pissed up oaf Claric?’ I bit back as I slapped, bare-footed, past him to address my men, squandering on the lower deck, as expected.

‘Who’s ready for adventure!?’ I exclaimed in my magnificence. It seemed none of them had heard me. Except maybe one of them cause I could hear a sniggering beneath me, it was Claric, of course it was! I cleared my throat and tried again, louder. ‘WHO’S READY FOR ADVENTURE?’

‘Fucking heard you the first time, Captain, fuck off will yer? We’re busy here,’ replied one of the rag-tag bunch below me, I couldn’t remember his name. Another sound approached, it was Skelton again, he seemed pleased with himself.

‘And what are you so pleased about?’

‘Pleased? My Captain, me? Oh no, not me. Hmmm, maybe you could just jump off with your friend’ he said nudging his head toward the sleeping mess beneath us, ‘when we get to Ireland? No harm, eh? Some people are just not cut out to be sailors. I’m sure that your close friendship to the Queen will help soften your, ahhh, transition back into her court.’

I let him finish, normally I wouldn’t have and he would have been picking up his teeth before he finished asking his first question, but I had to remember that these men didn’t know anything about me. The hum-drum had died down as I noticed that the men had been watching our exchange. They looked happy. Claric started snoring again. One of the men, it could have been the one who had the nerve to tell me to fuck off, turned and hoisted the mop bucket ready to throw at the sleeping Irish man, except he wasn’t sleeping anymore and as he turned around to launch it he found himself stumbling backwards in shock, they all did. Claric had somehow closed the distance between them in no more than two seconds, a feat not physically possible, well maybe by me, but not anyone normal. And now he didn’t look like a drunken fool. He looked scary.

The men looked up at him, waiting for him to speak. I laughed and leaped over the balcony, falling at least thirty feet and landing on the lower deck with a crash. That had seemed to scare the men more than Claric’s lightning speed had. I stood and walked over to Claric and slapped him on the shoulder.

‘Who told me to fuck off?’ Fingers quickly pointed to a wet soapy fellow with an empty mop bucket on his lap. I smiled, it wasn’t a nice smile. ‘Get up, you are now Claric’s servant. The rest of you, well, after Ireland, who’s ready to see the world?’ Their response was a meagre ‘arghh!’ But it was an improvement so I left it at that, for the time being. Claric had managed to sneak back to his make-shift sleeping area. I met eyes with the only sailor still left not moving around frantically. I held my hand out to him and pulled him to his feet with ease. ‘Looks like he may need to be served upon, eh?’ I laughed as I left him to his sentence.

Skelton sensibly lowered his gaze when I reached the top of the steps.

‘After Ireland we go west. I want to see what this new found land is all about, what do you say?’

‘Aye Captain, aye. The lads will be glad to hear of it.’


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