Crowning Achievement

‘No, she is innocent in this. It’s that inbred lot, the Dudley’s of Suffolk who are truly the guilty party, I see that now.’
This was a side I had not seen: Mary being reasonable and logical. Maybe our shared experience had softened her up a touch?
‘But my Queen, your reign is too fragile to risk taking on the Dudley’s…Guildford! He is a Dudley-‘
‘-He is also husband of Jane Grey. No, them two will not be harmed! They mustn’t, I do not think I could live with myself…’ She trailed as her eyes lingered over to me, again.
I was starting to think I was in trouble. Her chief advisor must have noticed the Queens lovestruck glances because he huffed, loudly. It was a noise of impatience, a noise of disapproval, in essence, it was precisely the wrong noise to make at that exact moment. The Queens chief advisor was advisor no more, he didn’t know it yet but I did. It was made official when his head fell off in the not too distant future.
‘Leave us and ensure that Jane is kept comfortable at the Tower.’ He was dismissed and after a minute dip of his head he left, sulking all the way.
Again it was just us two.
Nine days in total it took for Lady Jane Grey to be removed from power. Such a short reign.
I had been under Mary’s employment for five days and it was I who spear-headed her loyal force upon London. News spread of Mary’s challenge to the throne and this successfully, yet not surprisingly, managed to gain support, officially, from the public. Unofficially, the Royal Guard had heard whom was marching their way, me, and they decided to jump ship, so to speak.
Did I win this battle without having to slay a single foe on the battlefield? Maybe, but I’m not the boasting type.
Mary was doing that thing again, that staring thing. I also noticed that her breasts were showing a little more. My job here was done as far as I was concerned, all I now required was my payment.
‘Now you are Queen, I believe I am due my ship, your majesty.’
She stopped in her tracks, a moment of doubt flickering across her hard face softened her up a little. ‘Lord Game, as agreed, you will have the pick of the bunch. However, you still have one more duty to fulfil, me.’ Her garment dropped to the stone floor around her ankles. It seems I did have one more duty. That was the first time I shagged reigning monarch. And let me tell you: she was worth it. The ship I mean, not the woman. What do you take me for, a sap?
Please! I think you forget who I am, Henry Game only cares for one thing: Henry Game.


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10 responses to “Crowning Achievement

  • winfred

    Lord game, with all due respect sir, if you don’t care about anyone else, why don’t you keep it a bit more discreet?

    • Henry Game

      Because, my dearest Winfred, I am telling a story. However, you may have noticed that I stop just before it gets distasteful.

      • winfred

        Hmmm.. I thought you would use that mean character to defend yourself. Like ‘ and who are you? ‘

      • Henry Game

        “That mean character?”
        Tut tut…are you trying to poke the beast?
        That mean character is myself. I love that you think I am mean. I am. I am also selfish and impatient, terribly scarred and have been known to commit random acts of violence for pleasure.
        I have sacked governments, defeated armies and killed a pope, just one pope, but still I crushed his fucking throat. Oh, and I almost forgot, I have also been known to dine on the flesh of my victims. In truth, that wasn’t the real me, I was possessed, but it was me, if you know what I mean?
        Henry Game isn’t interested in being a philanthropist, or Mother Teresa. Neither does he want to win Mr nice guy awards. Henry Game is the spawn of the Devil.
        Did you think I was anything but mean?

      • winfred

        Uh ooh.. my Lord, no need to be mean today. I am just but a law abiding citizen. If you don’t mind I will take my exit now.. am I excused?? 🙂

      • Henry Game

        You may leave, Winfred, but remember that I will be watching you…

  • charlypriest

    You should have elaborated more about the breasts…..You only care about H the Game….na, you care about me too, and you should invite me to one of those shagging the queen parties.

    By the way quite a conversation you two had over here, in one comment I could sense Henry getting just a bit annoyed……. you forgot to tell this man or woman( who knows now a days with the internet) that you also kill popes, that should scare the shit out of him/her or for that matte everyone of us

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