‘Ah! Look at the wee little ol’ darlin will yer! Hiuh!’
The old man seemed to be talking to a plant. Mary shook her head and for the briefest of moments, she smiled. She must be fond of him, I surmised because a smile on the soon to be mad Queen’s face was about as rare as a smile on, on, on mine…
‘Is he constantly drunk?’ I asked keeping my voice low, I didn’t want him to turn around and start talking to me, again.
‘Claric is eternally in a state of perpetual drunkenness!’ She replied louder than I wanted her too. As if broken from a trance at the mention of his name, the bumbling Irish man made his way over to us, again. I sighed. I found him annoying, yet surprisingly, I didn’t get urges to kill him, which is rare, very rare, maybe I liked him too?
‘Is it a little ol’ Game of Lords, or blood my fellows? Hiuh! Queens can be mothers, seduced to madness you know? Hiuh!!’
‘Claric leave us!’ snapped Mary suddenly. He smiled at me and for a moment I saw something different from the drunken idiot, but just as quickly he hiccupped again and set about his drunken retreat. I watched him leave with fresh eyes, the drunken act was well played, but I hadn’t see him take a drink all evening. I wondered if the horn, hanging heavy around his tubby waist, was still full.
We listened to Claric’s retreat , noisily singing and jeering through the hallways, and suddenly, I realised, that left just the two of us.
The silence stretched on and with it, so did the wordless staring of the mad Queen. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, to be honest. I stood up and helped myself to the goblet on the table behind me, momentarily turning my back on her.
But a moment was all she needed. I felt her breath on the nape of my neck as she whispered to me, ‘since the moment I saw you defy my father I knew, I knew that I must have you Lord Game.’
I hurried up and finished pouring my wine and turned away from her to put some distance between us. It didn’t work. Again she advanced on me and I noticed one small, yet crucial, detail: she had loosened the front of her blouse and was now flashing her ample cleavage at me. And she sure did have a decent pair! I reassessed the situation, we were alone, the fire was roaring romantically, wine was in abundance and again, we were alone. I squared my shoulders to hers and had a good long look down her blouse. Satisfied I stepped back half a step and put forward my terms:
‘You will not speak, or kiss me. I will not be taking off my weapons. Do you understand…my Lady?’
She did because before I had finished listing my terms she had managed to undress and now stood before me in all of her coppery glory. I nodded my head once in approval before she closed the distance between us.


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