Pastures new.

You may have noticed, throughout these accounts, that there have been large jumps in time. You may also have noticed, that I have made comments on certain subjects and then never again spoke of it. Well, time has come for a detour, an intervention, the story of the Elohim, the Anarchist, my tormentor will have to wait, put it on the back burner, so to speak. Tales of that little French fucker: Napoleon, yeah I knew him, and how he nearly fucking disposed of me…And, of course, the time when I barbecued a potato on the burning furniture of the Whitehouse, both happen to coincide with each other, funnily enough, imagine that!
Henry Game even became a Royal advisor. Shit, I was actually knighted! But all that is to come, if you are willing and ready for it?
I have trusted you, my confidants, with much already. I hope my burden has not been too heavy to bear, but now I have new tales too share. Ones that are not quite so despondent. Tales of  “watermanship” and pirates, tales of treaties broken and compounded by betrayal.
Canada, Britain, America, France, all these places accessed by ship! Henry Game became quite the sailor, still am.
So hold on tight, you might need a life jacket for this one cause its gonna get wet.


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20 responses to “Pastures new.

  • edwinlives4ever

    Last time I heard, Napoleon was not really that little.

    • Henry Game

      I suppose it would depend on who he was measuring up against. Amongst women, and orientals, I suppose he wasn’t “really that little”. And on horseback he was bigger than most. But stood next to myself, and I am no giant, he was fucking tiny, and French, very French. Think somewhere between Tom Cruise and Lord Farquad and you get the idea. He stunk.
      I hope this helps clear up this detail for you. 😉

  • charlypriest

    I was going to say the same thing as that dude that commented earlier.
    I was going to ask you if Napoleon was really small…in stature, if you´re talking about the other thing then that´s would make it at even more scary tale. Fuck Henry, cooking potatoes in the White House and you didn´t think about giving me an invite.

  • Cyan Ryan

    Sounds awesome Henry! I recently started working again on a story series I started 3 years ago, that has pirate themes, and the appearance of hops in time. It’s far removed from the real world, and I am still making it up as I go. I created the character’s names for it though, about 6 years ago!

    Anyway, I love pirates, and I am looking forward to reading about Henry’s pirating/sailor days! It’s a shame you post so infrequently, hopefully we all won’t have to wait long to read the first part! 🙂

    By the way, I didn’t realize it until after I posted it, but a line my last post, I think might have subconsciously been inspired by your last Henry Game post, in my writing “As time seemed to stand still and take a long, silent piss on the situation from an over-extended bladder, Red mumbled with dread.” though it was playing on Red having to take a piss, having drunk a lot of watered-down grog, and allegorizing the awkward silence in the previous paragraph, where it seemed like two characters were “pissed off” at Red!

    If you did have a subconscious influence, thanks for being a catalyst! 🙂

    • Henry Game

      I must apologise for not posting more frequently, however, if I were, to post more often, would people still be WS interested?
      I must look into your pirate series, maybe you can comment back and share a link so anyone reading this can also access it?
      If you have “pinched” the idea of pissing from me then, well, I must admit, I didn’t invent this notion of taking a piss on someone. Especially someone who is, in your book, a traitorous scum bag. Anyway. All these stories must wait. I fear that my posts are in the verge of becoming repetitive and mundane, this is why I must revitalise by showing you all the wild and adventurous side of me, again. I hope you enjoy. The next post will be showing on a WordPress reader near you…coming soon.


      • Cyan Ryan

        Hmm… I don’t know if people would still be interested, to tell the truth. I would think so, but it may depend on how many other writers a reader commits their time to reading. I think posting frequently and less frequently may both appeal to and lose the interest of different readers, but that’s only my assumption. Infrequently may appeal to a greater number of people though, as I think most people are probably pretty busy. I personally write more for myself though, so I suppose my personal preference may not be in line with the availability and attention of casual readers.

        I suppose that’s a long-winded way of saying you are probably right, and have most likely considered readability more seriously than a noob like me. lol

        What I wrote was more metaphoric, as in the sense of pissing people off. In my story, I am as of yet unsure of what Red is guilty of, it may not be anything all-together unexpected for a Pirate. I may make one of my characters hold a grudge against Red out of unreasonabless, and later on down the line, write about the distrust stemming for more than a single incident. I am new to writing out the complexity of fictitious relationships, but to me this seems like a good idea for giving my characters depth, so they aren’t simply caricatures of pirates!

        I haven’t thought your stories have been becoming repetitive, though it’s true that I haven’t been subscribed/reading long enough to probably even be able to have that opinion. I’m curious about who Henry’s captor is though, whether it was for sure the Saxon that had been thought dead and if he acted alone, and/or if Grimm or some other party is involved. I was hoping it was Grimm, as I was curious about this character, and about understanding him, and if Henry might reveal why he tolerates Grimm’s continued existence, as Grimm seems like a continual thorn in Henry’s side, or at least an annoyance. It’s an interesting dynamic to me. As far as reader’s interest goes, you have had and still have mine HG!

        And sure, I’ll share the links to my story!

        The Dread Rovers Part 1 & 2: Sigurd’s Sigils & The Red Dreaded Rover via


        The Dread Rovers Part 3 & 4: SCHISM & PSR via

        Looking forward to the next post 🙂


      • Henry Game

        Grim, yes he is an enigma. There seems to be so much that you are missing from the plot. It will all make sense, one day.
        Thanks Ry for reading and commenting.

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