Stinging, the hairs on the inside of my nasal cavity were stinging, the smell was truly despicable. And I am no stranger to gruesome shit but this, this was fucking strange – even to me.
The floor beneath me was wet, instantly I thought it was blood or, perhaps, something more sinister, I was wrong. To this day I cannot tell you exactly what that stuff was, puddled up all around me, soaked into me, but I think it was a mixture of blood and piss. Not my piss either, I think someone took a leak on me and bled me out whilst I was unconscious.
The mark of the Elohim had been painted on the ceiling directly over me, and as my eyes adjusted to the dimness this was the first thing I registered.
My house had been abandoned by my attacker, my tormentor, my foe. He was truly a tricky fucker. I almost smiled at my own vulnerability, almost. Probably would have done if I wasn’t saturated in, in…
A strange thought entered my mind: have I met an enemy who is better than myself in the art of ‘fucking with people’?
Bah! I scoffed and tried to get back onto my feet. A soft red glow alerted me to the presence of yet another, unexpected, visitor. I really am growing soft. Lucky for me the person in the shadows was benign. The rim of his looping fedora hid his face from view. Memories came spiralling back from the first time I met this giant, Grim.
He pulled another drag on his smoke. ‘I leave you alone for five minutes…’ He shook his head as he took another puff. I looked around and decided that he almost definitely had a point, that’s why I didn’t bother replying.
Anyway, Grim only showed up for one thing, and that thing usually involved blood and lots of money. Maybe I needed a distraction? Maybe I had run out of steam and just needed something familiar to fall back onto? This was not over, not by a long shot. I just…needed a victory. I needed to wash the stain of defeat away using the fresh blood of my fallen enemies, or rather my purchased enemies. Money does the talking anyway, all I do is show up and party. Oh fuck it, I can’t believe someone pissed on me…the smell was fucking horrible.


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