Sitting Duck

I set about my business. If this fucker wanted to taunt me and summon the Elohim, stupid fucker he is, then I was going to do everything in my power to stop this from happening.
I looked at the shitty-cheap photocopy, lots of symbols and ancient language… The person reading this surely wouldn’t be able to understand this, would they? I dismissed the thought as foolish, for only a fool would assume his enemy was not one step in front.
Three things were needed to summon the race of Gods and all of them were, seemingly, impossible to get. The blood of a Deity. The flesh of an Angel and finally, the soul of a Man.
The first and the last one was relatively simple, if you know what I do, it was the flesh of an Angel which was going to be tricky. They didn’t like to be found, even less so if they knew why you wanted to find them. How could this person possibly hope to accomplish this? My thoughts ricocheted around the dark box in my head. I sat back down. Blood of a Deity, that one was obvious, it was the same blood that flowed through my veins, the blood that flows through Satan, the first creation and made as an equal to God. Hopefully the person fucking with me didn’t know this…wait a minute, what did I say about fools? I heard a creak in the floor board behind me and reacted to face the intruder. I wasn’t quick enough. Something heavy crashed down on my head sending sparks across my eyes. The last thing I saw, being the sentimentalist I am, was the kind face of Father Saxon lowering me into slumber.
Darkness took me.


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15 responses to “Sitting Duck

  • field of thorns

    HG, OMG, really Father Saxon? Wow, poor Henry again! What a spin, completely unexpected, now just for the flesh of Angel.

    Love the line, “My thoughts ricocheted around the dark box in my head”, great imagery! And of course, “Darkness took me”, literally! Great conclusion to this post!


    P.S. Another great cliffhanger!

    • Henry Game

      But did he really see Father Saxon? The words “sentimentalist I am” throws this into doubt doesn’t it? Well at least I hope it does. Thank you so much for your great comments, I really really appreciate your feedback and thoughts.

      • field of thorns

        HG, darn you! LOL! Yes it does, I was thinking that, I wondered if he really saw Father Saxon or not! And I did read into, “sentimentalist I am” but thought “no”, HG would not do that! LOL!


      • Henry Game

        I think I should make it clearer and say that I think I just imagined it or something…both you and Cyan Ryan thought the same thing. Must be my writing. 8{]

      • field of thorns

        HG, please don’t change anything. I think it’s good, much can be implied. I truly questioned this in my mind when I read it. If you notice I wrote, “Father Saxon?” I really like this, very suspenseful, and I really don’t know for sure what happened to Father Saxon. I like that Henry is sentimental, again I personally love getting to see a softer side of him. Please don’t change a thing. Surprises are wonderful, as a reader I love them.


      • Henry Game

        OK, sometimes mistakes can be made. Best to hammer out the dents now, before anything gets too serious. Thanks Pippa. It must b late where you are now?
        Sleep well my friend

  • Cyan Ryan

    Awesome! Reminds me of some of the spells in the show Supernatural, that have required the grace of an angel in order to work. It sounds like Saxon has a literal recipe for disaster!

    Have you heard about the legends of the 12th Century alchemist monk Roger Bacon? I got this from his wikipedia page “In the early modern period, Bacon gained a reputation as the epitome of a wise and subtle possessor of forbidden knowledge, a Faust-like magician who had tricked the devil and so was able to go to heaven. ( )”.

    • Henry Game

      I haven’t heard about this. But I will follow your linkndown the rabbit hole and see what happens. Wish me luck!

      • Cyan Ryan

        Good luck! I thought for sure you would have heard about him! I don’t know much about Saxon, but I think that Roger Bacon would be an excellent person to tap for information and inspiration, if not for Saxon, then in general. I first heard about him in a video game, where there was a character patterned after him. It was presented in a way where it seemed to be based on a real person, so I looked it up, and found out he was a real guy.

        I’m curious, what era of time is the Henry Game story taking place in? From what I’ve read, based on memory, I’m not quite sure. The more I read though, the more interested I am becoming.

        You are an excellent writer Henry, there really isn’t anyone I’ve come across online who I would actually buy a book by except for you and the other friends I regularly talk to, like Pepper and Unbolt.

        If you ever publish, please let me know where I can purchase a copy. Sharing parts of the Henry Game story was really a good idea in introducing people to the story. I recommend getting in touch with this writer promoter who I subscribe to, it might even be interesting to write an author interview in character as Henry. Anyway, just an idea. If you got featured, I’d reblog the post 🙂

      • Henry Game

        Excellent comment. For reasons that I cannot fathom, they have become unfathomable to me, this comment was trashed! I de-trashed its ass!! yeah!
        Thank you so much for your amazing compliment. I love receiving them, they are good for the soul, so to speak, if I have one. Do I still have one?
        Ahhhh, I will send this person a message and say that you have suggested I get in touch with him and does he want to interview, over the internet, the mysterious force that is currently known as Henry Game!!?? (imagine dramatic music in the back ground while I pose that question)
        Anyway, thank you again, for everything. Let’s burn this bitch down.

  • unbolt

    LOL! It looks like someone outpaced you 🙂
    You’re the last ingredient in this magical brew, aren’t you?

  • leagueofmentalmen

    I hate and detest everything you stand for Henry and one day I intend to kill you without pity and then take over your blog. Love, Mike Steeden

  • winfred

    I love it.. hope when he wakes up he ain’t held captive and he could go angel hunting bring back great photos .

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