I could not sleep. My mind buzzed constantly like a loose electrical connection. My eyes would not stay shut at night as I turned image after image over in my thoughts.
Whoever was fucking with me was good. In all my long years I don’t think I had been fucked with like this…it was exciting!
Somebody out there knew me, and I mean the real me. Also, they definitely had possession of my book. But why would they play with me and seduce me with these sadistic games?
Maybe they knew me better than I knew myself, at the time?
I felt like my limbs were fully fueled, just waiting for me to drive them on.
Two dead bodies in as little as two months and across two counties in two houses. This was no coincidence. My initial thought was the Illuminati, and that maybe they had possession of it. But the message was contradictive to that train of thought, it was showing me of the Elohim, and for that evil, they didn’t need me. Surely they didn’t mean to let that genie out of the bottle? so to speak. We would all be Donald Ducked then. No, there must be more to it than that, surely.
I got a new Maria, and when I say a “Maria” I actually mean it. A new cleaner called Maria, ha! I didn’t tell her what happened to the last one though, so shhhh…
Anarchist masks started to appear more and more. I even saw someone wearing one on Halloween! Another damned Americanism.
It looked like, for the time being, the Iron Mask had managed to quell the Illuminati influence on Britain. It looked like they had fled to the States, maybe, but maybe not.
There was too much going on for things to be as they seemed. And still I could not sleep. This was a game, of that I was certain. How did I know? That’s easy, I knew cause it was my move next.


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17 responses to “Game

  • Cyan Ryan

    This had a very comic-book mystery/crime feel to me, sort of like the movie Sin City!

    I’ve been meaning to start a serialized story series in my blogs for awhile, but have never committed to the process like you have been able to. I want to start, so I’m going to have to stretch myself to commit to it, it’s uncharted territory for me. I did have an idea awhile ago, that I wrote two parts to, that I may return to, titled Reclo, that I thought was pretty interesting. I think I want to do something new though. I don’t know where I will get my ideas to keep it going and still remain interesting like you are able to though! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Henry Game

      Luckily for me, I have over 650 years of memories to draw upon. However, it I was, ahhh, mortal, then I would probably make sure that I planned out the plot points and story arch to a tee, before even starting.
      I liked the movie Sin City, and I will take that as a compliment, thank you very much.
      Although I am happily surprised that you see it in this way.
      I look forward to your series Cyan,
      Thanks again for commenting and reading.

      • Cyan Ryan

        Thanks! I must be inspired by your immortality, as this is what I have so far. My character is not going to actually be immortal though. Perhaps he will become immortal though. I really like the tv show Forever that has to do with an immortal, the idea of living forever sounds like an interesting plot point. If my character becomes immortal though, it will probably be more in the sense of living on through others, whether figuratively or literal though, I haven’t decided:

        “The price of idealistic naivety, the cost of wearing your bleeding heart on your sleeve, is like advertising your body for free in the black market organ trade. It’s like, let’s cut out the middle middle-man, they charge an arm and a leg.

        I’m kidding of course. I recently heard a story about a woman who donated a kidney to a stranger, and they fell in love, and are getting married. That adds a whole other layer to the religious metaphor of a husband and wife becoming “one-flesh”.

        Someone like me, would prefer to use Craigslist instead of the Black Market.

        Ever heard of “stealing someone’s thunder”?

        Zeus was the God of Thunder and Lightning. Prometheus was a Greek Titan with a bleeding heart, who stole fire from Zeus to give to humans, because he pitied mankind. As punishment for the fire theft, loopy Zeusy bound him to a rock, and sent an Eagle to eat his liver… Every day.

        You can donate half your liver, and it will grow back. Being a Titan, Prometheus’ liver grew back every day.

        In Japanese mythology, the God of Thunder and Lightning, is known as Raiden, or Raijin. Rai translates to “Thunder, Lightning, Trust”.

      • Henry Game

        You are funny. I’m not sure if you even know it, but you are. Thank you for the clarification on good ol’ Zues, I have to say that I am a vampire of knowledge. And I constantly crave my next fix.
        Being immortal does not mean I will live forever. In fact, being immortal means, for me, that there are just more people out there who want to test out my immortal-ness. Thing is, there are some things that can kill. I fear to divulge any further…you never know who may be reading this.

      • Cyan Ryan

        You are funny too! Yes, I have a nack for being unintentionally humorous, though the “cut out the middle-man” reference was a deliberate coy reference to organ thieves speaking of back alley surgery, meant to seem unintentional, if that’s the kind of thing you meant.

        There’s a song by Adema called “Immortal”, with the official music video set to scenes from one of the Mortal Kombat games, which has a character named Raiden in it. He’s not in the video though.

        It’s a catchy song, with the lyrics “You can’t kill me, I’m immortal. I’m not afraid to die, my soul will travel on.”, which hopefully would be the case for Henry, and he could come back some how, if he ever fell!

      • Henry Game

        The more you read of Henry the more you will understand what he is. He can die, and probably will, one day.
        When I said you are funny, it was with reference to your, seemingly, sporadic topic changes mid-conversation, followed by random facts about Japanese definition of Thunder and Lightning. I can imagine that going for a beer with you would be hilarious. But, I hail from England and we find all sorts of things funny. I don’t want to offend you, I am being genuine and I do find your idiosyncrasies quite amusing.

      • Cyan Ryan

        LOL oh my gosh, I just now read your comment. The character I was writing, was totally drunk. I just posted the first part, and am just now catching up on the rest of my comments. This is too funny! You didn’t offend me, no worries. I suppose I channel a tipsy spirit well enough it’s able to be picked up on, without my stating it! I think tipsy is my default, whether or not I’ve been drinking, and I think Henry may be psychic! Is he? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Henry Game

        Not psychic, maybe psychotic though, does that help?

      • Cyan Ryan

        I think smart crazy sounds better! I suppose being around for so long, one develops a sharp intuition, and mortal’s patterns become more easily recognizable and predictable person to person, which can create the appearance of being psychic ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Henry Game

        You get me, you really get me.

        Tears threaten to spill,
        my fears want me to kill,
        I will…

        You’re loco pollo

  • field of thorns

    HG, this is interesting from Henryโ€™s point of view. As the reader, I get to hear his inner dialogue. Henry is searching for the answers as to why, and who has his book? Henry is fixated and fascinated at the same time. Who or whatever is taunting him is good at it, but are they good, or just good at taunting him? Nothing is ever as it seems in Henryโ€™s world. I like the idea that he is excited about all this, and now itโ€™s his move! Iโ€™m looking forward to what is next for Henry! Great job of keeping us damned Americans hooked!


    • Henry Game

      Henry loves Americans They get him…tell me, can you predict what happens next? Have you ever been able to predict? This is a serious question. If anyone would be able to “see” it would be you, I believe.

      • field of thorns

        HG, a serious note, Henry is for sure in for much more, also very important, things are not what they seem to be, is good, good? Is evil, evil? Maybe we will find the answers to these questions with the help of Henry!


        P.S. Is Henry familiar with, “The Codex Gigas”? I think he is!

      • Henry Game

        You know I can neither confirm or deny these things Pippa! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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