Little Girl

There was a knock at the door. I had had my guard up ever since the incident with Maria. The locks on my doors had been upgraded to the best that money could buy. After all, what use was having vaults of gold and treasure troves to rival the monarchy, if you end up impaled on broom sticks and the electric iron burnt into your heart?
I peered through the spy hole and was pleasantly puzzled when I saw a little girl holding a white cardboard box. I presumed she must have been selling something. How wrong I was.
I opened the door, but reflexively kept one hand on the stiletto dagger tucked, discreetly, into a hidden pouch secured around my abdomen. I opened the door wide and looked down, and I was about to say something when she began to sing:

Little girls, they can easily be deceiving.
Little girls, they can be lead astray.
Little girls, may want to sell you something.
Of little girls, you will forever be afraid-

I tried to stop her, but quicker than I expected she opened the lid to the box and flashed a large silver blade across her throat. The box fell to the ground as a fine spray of blood slashed across my face. I noticed the little girls eyes scream in terror as she realised what she had done. She must have been hexed, I recognised similar incantations from within the book my…the book the Devil wrote. But the last that I saw of it…shit. What if somebody had found it? I felt a panic rising over me. The little girl had begun convulsing all over my porch. Something else was still inside the box. It looked like something I had seen before, a symbol…it was. I plucked the crudely photocopied page from inside the box and closed the door, leaving the girl to do whatever she was doing.
My worst fears had been realised, It was a symbol I remember from within the book, a symbol that headed a chapter titled ‘The Elohim’.
This was possibly the worst thing in the book. In fact it was so bad that even Satan himself did not want to summon the Elohim. I think that tells you the gravity of the situation. Now all I had to figure out was, who had it and why were they teasing me?


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7 responses to “Little Girl

  • field of thorns

    HG, this is wonderful! The need for so many locks, as if it could keep away what Henry truly fears. Yes, his guard is up, but so human of him to be fooled by an innocent looking little girl, poor Henry! Great poem, which compliments the post, very creepy that she is singing it! Okay, so another message has been sent to Henry, in the form of a symbol which thankfully he recognizes. Henry just closes the door on the little girl, “leaving the girl to do whatever she was doing”, LOL! Okay, maybe not so human, ha-ha, always a little humor is great! I love this, “The Henry Games” story continues as things are spiraling deeper into the abyss, now possibly The Elohim!


  • Leigh W. Smith

    HG, this is a truly chilling piece, and almost more for what is not said than what is. How do you come up with this dank, dark, atmospheric stuff?!

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