The Anarchist is Born.

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I could feel it rising. It started from the base of my spine and travelled through me like tiny pockets of gas passing through rock. The feeling was slow, steady and beautiful. I could feel it rising.
This is what I am good at.
The floor before me was littered with pure and unadulterated agony. Pain is magnificent, both the experience of feeling it and in its deliverance. Nothing, quite, compares.
‘At this rate there won’t be any of them left. You were supposed to leave at least one of them alive!’
I didn’t bother responding to him. The euphoric feeling inside was consuming me. Killing, to me, is the most natural thing in the world. And he was trying to bring me down. I didn’t say anything and eventually I could hear his heavy footsteps walking away. Probably to report to his master. Fool.
Grim had always been more…ahhh, reserved than myself. Maybe this is why, nah forget it! This isn’t the time.
The disfigured corpses of the congregation started to lose its beauty to me. I turned away in disgust, more with myself for ruining my moment. ‘The Illuminati’ was the new threat, and this was just a handful of them, dead in another Town Hall.
Grim had told me of the Archbishops ‘involvement’. Most of the government and especially the wealthiest of the capitalists were apart of this new world order. This spelled out trouble, and for once my feelings aligned with the Iron Mask. But I told them straight, if anyone came anywhere near me with a fucking iron-face, I would pull their fucking tongues out of their mouths and hang them with it.
I turned my back on the room and pushed the door softly too. Grim was waiting outside in one of them long black vehicles they all drove now. I jumped in and didn’t say a word as Grim tapped his huge paw on the roof of the limousine from out of the open window. The car pulled off slowly. I watched out of the back window, this was my favourite bit. The Town Hall flared up and flames licked the clear-cold-black sky. I watched the building burn until it was out of sight. Eventually I could hear the sirens of emergency ring through the night.
The Illuminati would not sleep this night, and if they did their dreams would be haunted by me. For now Henry Game had been retired. Now I went by a different title, the Illuminati needed to fear my name, the name that opposed their ideology, and rebelled in the face of regime. I became bloodedly known as The Anarchist.


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11 responses to “The Anarchist is Born.

  • field of thorns

    HG, this could not be more perfect, I did not expect this from Henry, but he is wonderfully unpredictable. Every time I think I see a softer side of Henry, he immediately heads in the opposite direction, now shaking up the Illuminati and the Capitalists. “The Anarchist”, go Henry!


  • Cyan Ryan

    Awesome! Henry & Grim remind me of Dante & Virgil from Devil May Cry, one of my favorite series!

    • Henry Game

      I haven’t seen that one but it sounds cool, if it reminds you of what went on here…maybe it is based on what went on…thoughts to ponder on I think.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I am grateful to you for that.

    • Henry Game

      I have just watched it, for some reason it didn’t load up with your comment straight away. Grim is a tough mother fucker, don’t get me wrong, but, if I needed to, I would have no issues with ending him. But, for some reason, the big oaf is somewhat important to me…
      Thanks for the video link. Funny thing is, is, this is similar to the overall story arch. Because, there is a modern day story that is presently happening that ties in with the past events which I publish through the blog. And soon I will bind both versions and make them available in a novel.
      Then the reader will have the full story of Henry Game.

      • Cyan Ryan

        Cool, sounds awesome! Looking forward to it! A hallmark of the Devil May Cry series is the stylized violence, which though it does make me cringe at times, it is presented in a highly creative, surreal art form, which makes it riveting, kind of like Quentin Tarantino’s films, which are also amazing!

      • Henry Game

        Yes, true. I can see your connection. Henry Game also has an obtuse view on violence. It is ever present and, sometimes, grotesquely dramatic, and like Tarantino it is done for effect, and because Henry just likes it.

  • edwinlives4ever

    …and whenever you wake up from your sleep, they will scream, “OH, FUCK! HE’S AWAKE!!”…

  • thesarahdoughty

    This is really good. You have a knack with endings. Keep it up. You’ve got lots of variety!

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