The Unwanted.

The wounds still smarted beneath my robe. I had returned back to whence I came. Back to the house I grew up in.
I was the church of St Oswalds only resident. Not a welcome or a, legally speaking, invited guest. But to me, it was still my home.
The Eagle, larger than any man I had ever seen, left fleshy gouges deep into my ribs. But I suppose it was preferable to the alternative.
The smell of Sulphur still woke me, sometimes.
The wounds in my ribs helped me make my decision. I would not trade one master for another.
I was better on my own.
Even if that meant feeding on pigeons. Even if that meant scavenging whilst I healed. But what next?
I stared at the stained glass window above me and looked at the real meaning behind it. God sat up above high and mighty. Angels straddled beneath him, and I, me, I was beneath them, surrounded by feathers and piss.
I winced as I turned away from that mockery. Looking down at the fresh tracks of wet black that began to seep through my borrowed robe.
Out of all of this I was truly grateful for one thing. One very painful thing. I blotted my wound to soak up the reminder that God, as ‘fatherly’ as he is, could still hurt me.  And would if he wanted to.
No, being on my own is better.  Even if I am shunned by both Human and Angel alike, doomed to exist as a mongral between them, not welcomed or claimed by either. A cross breed. The word felt wrong in my thoughts.
I let my mind linger for a moment on his offer to join the ranks of Angelkind. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss it?
No, I am better as I am.
I am Henry Game after all, ain’t I?
Henry Game, the unwanted.


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6 responses to “The Unwanted.

  • field of thorns

    HG, wow, in reading “The Unwanted”, I can’t help but feel that Henry has more human qualities than he will ever admit to, whether he is human or not. This shows his vulnerability, self-questioning and self-doubt, and settling on the feeling of being, “unwanted”. Because of this, I think it introduces an element of sadness that as the reader I can relate to, again a very human quality. Wonderful and interesting post, very thought provoking as Henry reasons with himself.


  • charlypriest

    You gotta love Mr´s. Henry game of words. So now your own your own… least you´re not with the devil

    • Henry Game

      Yes, but sometimes, Mr.Priest, we learn that our own worst enemies linger closer than we think. Somethings you cannot escape, eh?
      Thanks for reading and commenting Chuckerinio!

      • charlypriest

        Well there is quite a good saying which is to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

        There is no escaping enemies, as a matter of fact I found out quite a long time that if you do not have enemies in life then you are seriously doing something really wrong with you life, which basically your doing nothing and trying to please everyone(which still give you enemies and people that will take advantage of you)

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