He stood, sky darkening, by the waters edge. I stepped out of the clearing and on to the plain. He did not turn to face me but I knew he was aware of me.
He held his hands over the water and I observed with horrorfied fascination as the water bubbled and hissed out and popped its pockets of lethal gas. It was sulphar. I remember seeing it in the book. “Only Baptism within the sulphur can cleanse the faithful.” This was it. The stage was almost complete.
I wasted no time. Better to die fighting in fear, than forever to be afraid of living.
He lowered his arms. I stopped my advance. This was close enough. He spoke, to my surprise, I never expected that. Not sure why?
‘So, blood of Hades, you have come to stop what you began?’
‘Something like that.’ I spoke as cold as the moons white light. The name Hades lodged in my thoughts? I know he was a Greek god, wasn’t he?
The Leviathan turned and shock reverberrated through me. His face, it was unrecognisable. The skin had blistered and burnt to the point of splitting. Yet he was still the Leviathan, I would argue more so, if anything.
I stepped forward and reactively it thrust a hand out to halt me. The ground burst aflame beneath me causing me to dive to the side. Something was odd about the colour of the fire, I looked, it was the same black fire that the bone blade created. Knowing my gloves were on I brandished the angelic dagger in my clumbsy right hand, (yeah, that’s right, all children of the devil are lefties!’) And made a direct line for him, or ‘it.’
It growled like a great beast and its eyes glowed hot. The lake bubbled and crept towards us, disolving and destroying all the plants and grass in its path. I stopped my run as I spied the sulphur water lapping up behind the Leviathan. It watched me for a moment as the water crept up on him, then, moments before it washed over him, he held his hands, palms down by his side and levitated!
Yes, you did just read that correctly.
I scrambled backward as the sulphur advanced much quicker than before and the Leviathan followed, floating at a distance of about two foot. It laughed. But it sounded more like marbles grating against each other.
A saw it, my chance, and as the water and the beast advanced I knew what I must do. But I also knew that what I would do would land me abandonned in the sulphur. This, I was sure, was suicide.
Both the sun and the moon were still in the sky and I heard a noise. It was the call of an Eagle, of this there is no doubt. And for the very first time in my 600+ year existence, I knew that He was watching. I only hoped he would save me.
The Leviathan continued to grate as the sulphur advanced and I seemed to be out of options. I had accidentally backed myself into corner. But still, I knew what must be done.
The rock jutted just high enough for me to spring board from but I knew I must wait until it was close enough…now!
I leapt forward, over the water. The Leviathan suddenly stopped laughing. And landed on my rock with my right leg and sprang up as high and as fast as I could whilst spearing the bone blade in front.
I closed my eyes. This was it. Either way, this would be it if I got him or not. I surrendered myself to his will. If I was to die then I would have died without regret.
My hand and body collided with something hot.
Hot and solid.
I had actually reached him! And with one fluid motion I sank the dagger in between its ribs and pierced its heart.
Suddenly I realised that now we were falling, both of us. The Leviathan didn’t make a sound and as the water hurtled toward me, I finally made piece and-
My body jerked, violently upward as I felt the sharp talons of something lift me higher. I opened my eyes and let the tears flow as I watched the Leviathan dissolve and burn. I did not look up, I did not need to.
It was over now…


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19 responses to “Eagles.

  • field of thorns

    HG, wonderful post “Eagles.”, it’s always great to cheer for Henry and his victories! Several lines I’m especially fond of, “yeah, that’s right, all children of the devil are lefties!” love the humor, and of course this is great, “it sounded more like marbles grating against each other”. Visual and auditory as well, so good! Oh, you are old, 600+, hum…? And in conclusion you close with, “I did not look up, I did not need to. It was over now…” Very nice, leaving one with a sense of hope!


  • Cyan Ryan

    Wonderful Henry, it reminded me of an interesting music video I found awhile back!

    • henrygame

      Yeah, thanks for that Cyan, I just watched it. I can see the connections, very good. The monster from the sea who enslaves and brings war. The Leviathan in a nutshell. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and share this with me. I love it.

      • Cyan Ryan

        No problem! I think you might appreciate the poem below that I wrote in September of 2009, which is also a little similar, playing on mythology, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the book of Revelation!

        “The Flames of War Will Be Forever Quelled”
        by Ry Hakari

        Whether or not we choose to pledge our hearts’ allegiance
        The loyalty of our love, the fealty of our immortal souls
        To the master of the fleet, the commander of the flagship
        One day we will all bend at the knee and bow before him
        No one and no nation is outside the sphere of his influence
        All insurrection and rejection, all resistance and rebellion
        Are inevitably crushed in death, conquered by Hamashia
        The flames of war will be forever quelled, ignited nevermore
        The Leviathan will be skewered, along with his brethren
        His children will be torn with them and thrown into perdition
        The price paid for the world’s so-called freedom is heavy
        Anguish, gnashing teeth, flesh like ashes, living cinders
        A picturesque prison, the pristine prize for believing lies
        The Leviathan, like a crocodile, cries for the rights of pseudo-gods
        Soothsayer snake-oil salesman, serpent in sheep’s clothing
        All we really have is a claim to a cell in Hell if we believe him
        But the master of the fleet, the commander of the flagship
        If you ask to come aboard, and worship him as lord
        Bending at the knee and bowing in this life, not just the next
        You will someday sail to see things of beauty there aren’t words for
        An attempt at explaining his gift of paradise is like writing out Pi
        It’s beyond best attempts, conscious assertion is minuscule
        Hamashia says it best – “the blind will see, the deaf will hear
        The lame will walk”, which means all infirmities will be healed
        Despair and death, disaster and disease will all cease
        It will be an eternity of peace and tranquility, no needs not met
        We will see the face of God and not perish, we will be happy
        I must end this muse now, for want and lack of adequate words

      • henrygame

        Yes you are right. I do appreciate it. It is very prophetic and casually pious.
        Your use of an ocean backdrop to the foreground of skewered beasts is cleansing.
        I like it.
        Jesus is the commander right?
        This is heavily laden with Christian connotations.
        Good piece.

      • Cyan Ryan

        Yes it is heavily laden. I wrote it once upon a time ago when I was devout, when I was still under the spell of religion. I consider myself agnostic now. Thanks Henry!

      • henrygame

        Agnostic. Hmmm, this word, for me, has a lot of meaning. You could have said that you are an atheist, or, as they said in my time, a pagan. But you didn’t.
        Agnostically speaking anything is possible, and nothing can be the master of everything or anything particular.
        Great word choice. This just makes you more interesting to me.

      • Cyan Ryan

        Thanks. I claim neither belief nor disbelief in the Judeo-Christian God.

        I can’t believe everything was created out of nothing, but I believe that there had to be some kind of eternal catalyst.

        I am confused by the paradox of which came first, the chicken or the egg, and I believe that the way the human eye works is far too complex to simply have evolved so orderly. I mean, with perception of the color spectrum, depth perception, peripheral vision, and inverting up-side-down but converting back to right-side-up in it’s synaptical connections in the brain? And for that orderly design to have actually evolved out of the chaos of primordial soup? Sounds more far-fetched to me. I don’t have that kind of faith in science.

        Not just that, but vision as it is, is different species to species in things like what colors are perceived, and the sharpness of far sightedness of birds of prey, and the dullness of bats which are not actually blind which is compensated by their echo-location system that translates into the minds of bats much the way their vision works when there is light enough to see with their eyes…

        it’s all too great a mystery for me to disbelieve in some kind of greater power, or at least a greater origin story.

        Christians believe that the God of the Old Testament is the same as the New Testament, and unchanging, which confuses me.

        In the Old Testament God the Father speaks directly to his people, or through a mediator, sharing his divine will, and seeks his worship through defending his people, metting out justice to those who torment them, and commanding his people to war in order to prove his being the one true god, totally not tolerating the worship of idols amongst his people by killing those that stray with earthquakes and snakes and such, and doesn’t tolerate the seduction of his people into popular culture.

        In the New Testament it’s all about being a martyr, and turning the other cheek, and being in the world but not being of the world, which means being involved in the culture. In the Old Testament, there were a lot of laws that had to be followed, largely not because of being sinful in nature, but in order to make God’s people distinct. If a Gentile wanted to worship the Jewish God, he or she had to totally change their lives and abide to the strictest of rules. They weren’t excluded, but they had to completely change the way they lived, and practice the Jewish customs. In the New Testament, much of that is done away with.

        Christians believe that when Christ came, he abolished all those extra rules, and yet in scripture it was never defined exactly which rules those were, which were sin, which were just meant to set the people apart. There is some talk of some of them being defined in scripture, and of the holy spirit revealing to our consciences what is sin and what isn’t, but amongst Christians, there is a ton of disagreement about what is permissible, and what isn’t.

        Scripture says God is a God of order, not of disorder, but Christianity is extremely disorderly, and from person to person, what faith is lived out, seems to be made up as they go. Even pastors in the same denominations can have very different views on the same things. They cannot all be right, that’s relativism, not truth. Yet they all preach, if they claim to be orthodox, in absolute truth, and that some doctrine is absolute, and some we are less sure on, and can be flexible on. And yet there is much disagreement on what doctrine is absolute and what is flexible, and the average lay Christian doesn’t invest the time and energy into seriously studying the semantics in the original languages of scripture, which can very widely depending on the brand that translates it into one’s native language.

        Many Bible translators have agendas, and choose to translate Greek and Hebrew words into sentence structures that align with their personal preferences of beliefs. Study Bibles that give commentary on individual verses, interpret the verses very differently based on the beliefs of the translation company, sometimes completely changing what seems like the obvious meaning, playing on the various meanings of English words that don’t always have the same various meanings in the Greek and Hebrew, some of the meanings being wordplay that didn’t even exist in Bibilical times.

        It’s madness and disorder, and I want a God I can respect if I am to have a God, and it’s hard to respect a God that everyone says speaks for himself in the contrasting words they speak for him. I can’t assent to such a crazy system like I used to be able to. It seems many Christians cover up all the conflictions by saying things like “God has it under control”, which doesn’t make sense as apparently scripture is supposed to be God communicating to us what we need to know about him, and how to worship him? It’s silly.

        I would think if there was a god, who was so concerned about his glory and so wants people to know him, he wouldn’t test their faith without unquestionable proof in the new testament era, when in the old testament its seen that he gave his people evidence through might supernatural acts to prove that he existed.

        If he’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, as scripture says, and if he truly is unchanging, than what is one supposed to think about all the vast changes to his ways, and the total devolution into disorder and hearsay religion of what in the Old Testament was once a highly systematic and organized worship of god? It doesn’t make sense to me.

        I don’t know what I believe exactly anymore, so yes, I am Agnostic.

      • henrygame

        Excellently put. But please forgive me for this:
        JESUS CHRIST!! My bloody brews gone cold now. Ha!
        This is what I was hoping for when I teased and pulled on the word agnostic.
        Have you considered the possibility that our species has been planted on Earth and nurtured from our ‘Fatherly figures’ of alien origin?
        I will not push one way or another. I must respect peoples views. Thank you for your kind words.
        And yes, I agree with most of what you have said. Thank you again.

      • Cyan Ryan

        You’re welcome! I suppose it’s possible we could have been planted on earth and nurtured. It would be weird, I think, if in this vast universe, there was only intelligent life on one planet.

      • henrygame

        “Either we are or we are not alone in the universe, either concept is equally frightening” i have paraphrased somebody there, I cannot remember who. I will find out though
        Thanks for your words

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