Gloves on, bone blade (that was the name I gave it until I discovered exactly what it was)safely wrapped and secured to my lower left rib, I was ready. I had waited long enough. The tabloids across europe had even begun to catch on to it. The Leviathan was quickly heating up the world.
Newspaper columns reported of polar ice caps melting. They spoke of global catastrophe. How close they were to the reality of it too, they will never know…
The year was 1951 and six weeks had passed since our last encounter in that harrowing cave of cooked…human.
My hand was still pretty much useless, I guess the bone blade only needed one hand. To bad it was my clumsy one.
The world never even knew, imagine if it did! Ha! The headline would read:
“The Antichrist, single-handedly, fights to save the world with the wrong hand!” Looking back I guess it was kind of ridiculous, but believe me when I tell you, there was absolutely nothing ridiculous about it.
The Leviathon was burning reservoirs dry and converting lakes to sulphur. Anarchy and chaos were given free reign.
I don’t know how, but it managed to remove entire villages from existence. And when I say “remove” that is exactly what I mean! Sink holes and abandonned homes sprouted up all over the globe. The tabloids suggested it was the ‘underwater Aliens’, the subterranean cities inhabited by a hostile race of Alien origin. Instead of the familiar term UFO, it was adapted into the term USO. Even the Russian navy were pouring resources into such fantastical theory. Everyone was curious.
Nobody suspected the truth.
Volcanos erupted, entire seas of fish were floated – belly up.
I knew. This was all the stage being set for the false one, the false prophet. The false savoiur of the world.  Kill them with kindness. 
Satan did not want just to obliterate the planet, he wanted to rip out the heart of God by turning tye entire human race against him.
Come to think of it, it was a good plan.
But like any plan, all it takes is an instrument as small as a spanner, or an Angelic blade, the bone blade, I still prefer my name for it. It reminded me of something…not sure what though?
I knew where to go, I could sense it. The Leviathan was currently en-route to the capital. I’m fairly sure he could sense me too.
I approached him from out of the shadows. His back was turned. I moved with pure, unnatural, silence.
Yet still he turned.
I finally came face to face with it, with him. His eyes glowed.
I readied myself.
This was it.
Only one would walk away.


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