Leviathan summoned.


   Accrued before us lay the great sea of followers: the dedicated servants of the most unholy.
   I could try to describe just how many lay prostrated waiting, but you just wouldn’t believe me. The sharp craggy floor of the deep cave was somewhat softened by the bodies that hugged it like a fleshy rug, yet its surface still jutted and dipped unexpectedly. The sounds of anxious breathing hissed off the glistening, persperating walls, it was a beautiful sound, like the rock was alive with anticipation.
   Satan stepped forth to the overcrop of rock that had been adopted as his platfrom, his alter and the hissing grew in intensity.
   I watched from just behind him.
   He wore no shoes or socks and as his foot met the wet cold stone it dried out and lightened in colour.
   I wondered if his skin was hot. I dared not ask him. I dared not to draw any more attantion to myself than I already had done.
   Suddenly he spoke, and as always his words were fire and ice. They were the sun and and the moon. Lightness and dark. I cannot explain it any clearer than that I am afraid, you will just have to believe me when I say that it was magnetic, a strong kind of magnetism that was pulling us in.
   ‘I now call upon my first apostle. The Leviathan from the sea of my disciples, my people, my dominion. I summon you now to rise, rise up! Rise and be my spear in to the heart of the divine!!’
   I had stopped breathing. My arms and the side of my face bristled with waves of electricity. The great blanket of people contorted and rippled like the waves on the ocean. This was his sea and now I was about to witness his most destructive weapon from within it.
   I heard a noise, it was not of human origin. Satan was smiling as he held out both of his hands as though he was slowly lifting something up.
   I strained my eyes to the darkness that had creeped in. A figure was emerging from within the twisted layer of flesh. It let out another unearthly sound. This time I felt another wave of electricity but it was not the same as the last one. This one was different, very different. And if my head was not yet aware then my body sure was. This was the feeling of fear. My body was activiting it’s self preservation mode. I was teetering on the edge of obliteration. And it seemed Satan was very happy about this.
   He shared a look with me as the figure stood on the backs of the men and woman beneath. The figure was a man.  He looked just like me, again. But it definitely wasn’t human, like myself, again.
   He approached the alter, completely naked with a black oily substance coating his wiry frame. His eyes glowed up at us, he, no, it knelt and bowed its head.
   Satan spoke again and held out his hand for me to take.’Yes. Now the time has come to step forwards and be the new Gods’
   I did not move. I couldn’t.
   After a few moments he turned to look at me questioningly and dropped his hand. The glimmer had left his eye and now the ember of wrath quickly nested within.
   I stared straight back. My spine was a steely resolute spike that would not be broken. The thing, the Leviathon, looked up as it must have sensed the situation. I bowed my own head and spoke in silent prayer for what I was about to do.


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8 responses to “Leviathan summoned.

  • field of thorns

    HG, wow, you stopped just as we were to find out what you were about to do. Ah, what a great hook! You have written many wonderful visuals in this post. How about, “hugged like a fleshy rug”, that’s a creepy line, excellent! Here is another super twisted one, “great blanket of people contorted and rippled like the waves on the ocean”. I’m looking forward to what’s next!

    Take care,

    • henrygame

      Well Pepperanne, again I must thank you for your continued, and not to mention massively appreciated, readership and feedback. This to Henry is most valuable. To see that my words are entertaining, disturbing, perplexing and generally just engaging with others, others such as yourself in particular, other bloggers that I also enjoy to read and marvel at their fascinating minds, is really all the reward I could ever dream of. But for you to expressly and actively engage with the text and myself is truly humbling. I thank you for this and therefore I promise that the next post, and of course all other post thereafter, will not dissapoint. How can it, when I speak from my actual experiences?

      • field of thorns

        HG, thank you for a marvelous reply! I think I will have to start at the beginning of your story (existence) and work my way forward, so I can be up to speed. Yes, you are most entertaining, I love the disturbing and perplexing quality of your work, inspiring a lot of thought on behalf of the reader. I’m enjoying the good-bad, light-dark, and the fire-ice conflicts that you bring to the surface. Always looking forward to reading more!

        As Always,

      • henrygame

        This is good news indeed. Thank you, and I look forward to receiving your thoughts.
        in the interest of clarity, the ‘story’ starts with a short piece called “overcast”.
        Ooooo, exciting times lay ahead.
        Oh and also, there is a present day story called “A trail of blood-part 1 and 2” this is all apart of my journey.
        Excellent, truly excellent!
        You have made Henry very happy

      • field of thorns

        Yes, then this evening I will have some reading do! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. “Oh shit”, I’m laughing, I don’t think I have ever traveled in the right direction! Looking forward to it!

      • henrygame

        And I, naturally and excitedly, will likewise immerse myself into the depths of your harrowing mind.
        Likes attract.
        And yes, I believe that I can see a similarity in our writing styles. If not because we are both…obtuse?

      • field of thorns

        HG, wear your safety goggles! Perhaps acute also, complementary angles!

        Please forgive me, I must apologize, I will reply further later, right now I have to take off for a bit. So we will catch up this evening?


      • henrygame

        Roger that Pippa!

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