Luna White.


Looking back, I have come to realise that I have always been invloved in one diabolical thing or another.
But not until after I finally managed to be free of the Iron Mask – and after the unfortunate bouts of bodily possessions, not forgetting my conquest for revenge which saw me travel almost one thousand miles and kill countless scores of Guardsmen, soilders and one, just one, Pope – did I realised that again I was deep into something that was probably, no forget that, it  was definitely worse than all of those things combined.
And its not like it was too late to stop it.
I just didn’t want to.
Absently my finger traced in concentric circles around the branded pentagram while I waited for the right moment. The moon must reach its zenith before the ritual could take place. After all Satan was the Prince of Darkness, no?
Luna white reflected ominously through the black ripples of the lake. I always liked this place, Windermere. This would be the birth home of the new God. The master of the realm, because if a heavenly Father really did care then he had a fucked up way of showing it!
These days, in our society, the government would probably take away his children, us, due to his negligence or lack of supervision.
If God is watching us, then why does he do nothing?
Long had I asked myself these questions and everytime I came to the same conclusion: God has abandonned us.
I closed my eyes and my thoughts filled with overcast skies. I saw it all over again. The Gaurdsman, my father, the blade sinking into him, through him. The skies darkening. My feet taking flight. Inside my head drowning in a roar that was not of this world.
I am not of this world, I realise that now.
This must be done.
This is my purpose.
The moon reached its zenith. I sucked in the cool night air and opened the book.


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