The 1st creation

I realised,  eventually, that the book, in essence, was a set of instructions combined with a bit of back story, to give the direction relevance. I followed to the letter. I found myself surrounded by the earlthy elementals. The last piece of the puzzle was me. I must bleed, give apart of myself so that He could rebirth.
I thought long and hard about it and eventually I made my decision. I cut off my left nut. It hurt like hell but daddy mattered more, at that moment in time anyway.
And yes, to answer your question, now I only have one ball!
I watched, entranced in a horror stricken fascination as a wound opened up in the fabric of our reality.  You probably can’t imagine it. Just imagine that the air infront of you is unzipped and through it you can see another place. Well, that pretty much happened. And through the flaps came Satan. My daddy. He did not look at all like I imagined he would.
He looked a bit like me!
Or is it, I looked like him?
His hair was jet black and his skin was as pale as moon light. Something terrifying squirmed beneath his veneer of calmness.  I could see it. It wanted out. My father stood tall, tangible, in front of me and spoke.
‘It is nice to finally meet you in person, son.’
I choked on my words and mumbled some incomprehensible reply which sounded like “gello dah”


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