Comes a time…


I lapped it up. Every last page and what was worse, I belived in it!
Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like it was all fabricated lies that gullible Henry fell for, again.  Not this time. The problem was its truth and message. Or to be more specific and detailed, the rituals incantations…I best not divulge any further. In short, that book could have, and would have, brought about the end of the world as you know it.
Notice how I said ‘you’ then?
You see, I know this world in a completely different way to most of you out there. I bet you probably don’t even believe a word I say. Good. That suits me down to the ground.
Anyway, I’m losing track now. Oh yeah, the end of the world. Or, the ascension of my father, to be more precise. That is what I almost did.
Thank fucking God that didn’t happen! But let me tell you this:
It came close, very very close. Satan, my biological father, walked in this realm for the breifest of moments, just long enough to summon a great beast known biblically as Leviathon.
What? Don’t believe me again?
What did you think Godzilla was based on?
Anyway, he didn’t quite gain full power and I manged to ‘bump’ him back over before it was too late.
But, knowing the end of this particular saga does not take anything away from the tale and its telling, trust me.
Plus, I had this monster from the deep to deal plenty of excitement and…
Anyway, we’ll get to that next time.
Its late and I’m weary.
And the time has come for Henry to crash.
Good night.


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