So, ladies and gentlemen, I had just discovered that I had magic.
And I ain’t talking about that bloody illusionist bollocks. Even though, some of them are not just staged tricks, and do in fact, hail from the same place that my magic originates.
I, me, Henry Game, probably the worlds oldest…ahhh, abhorrence, had just discovered something new!
This was ground breaking and I couldn’t wait to test it out. Grabbing the first knife in sight, I sunk it deep into my bicep. No blood. No pain, not really anyway, it was a touch uncomfortable but yeah, apart from that, all good.
The book had already shown me a great deal, given me more than I could have ever hoped for. It was a real page turner, not on the same level as Patterson….ahhhh.
Being the illegitimate child of Satan had to have some perks to it, didn’t it?
I guess this was my answer. I pushed the knife in further and watched with a morbid curiosity as the skin on my tricep stretched to the point of ripping as the tip of the knife blade tried to hatch through.
I slowly with drew the knife and watched in fascination as the long wound closed up on itself.
Even the blade was clean.
Shit. This book was amazing and I wasn’t even a third of the way though it yet.
I traced my finger round and around the branded pentagram into the leather jacket. At least I think it is leather. It felt…tougher and dryer.
I re-opened on the next chapter titled: The Trinity 666.
6 was the number of mankind’s failure. 7 is devine perfection.
6 is just right. Satan claims that number and those too that also fall beneath the heavenly standard set at 7.
One 6 for each of the trinity:
The father (Satan) 6
The son (me) 6
And the flase prophet 6,
Yet to be seen…like I said, better than Patterson.


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8 responses to “Abhorrence

  • charlypriest

    I knew it, I knew it. You are the devil in disguise.
    Sinking a knife in to you….you are now not only a regular devil but a weird one.

    • henrygame

      Anti-christ would be more accurate. But yes, definitely a weird one sir. Your a cheeky monkey you are!
      Thanks for reading and, just, being there

      • charlypriest

        Don´t get too sentimental on me Henry. I like the Anti christ better, cheeky monkey? haha, that was a good line.

      • henrygame

        I have to thank you for your constant support. I am definitely not going soft on you. Henry don’t know how. Henry is solid as a rock, and rocks don’t bend, they break. But not this rock! This rock is harder than motherfucking diamond. It’d take a bastard neutron bomb to even put a scratch on my rock-like exterior.
        There, I said it. Back to normailty now, yeah?

      • charlypriest

        That is more like Henry Game, constant support? Well if I like what I read, find it entertaining and if you add that even though I don´t know you at all, but the very little I know of you just by comments, well that much the better.

      • henrygame

        Rock hard Chuck,
        Thanks again. Mr. Priest.
        Shower time

  • inhousepharmacy

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