Turning a new leaf

To envisage disaster is to encapsulate the moment at when you awake from a  nightmare. And, in that moment, still not knowing if everything has turned to shit or not.
Well, for me, it had.
And I knew it wasn’t just a nightmare, if only…I fucking wish it was!
It took almost two full years to completely be rid of that fucking mask. I mean, I’ll never be completely free.  The mirror reminds me of that everyday. But eventually I managed to peel it off. Piece by fucking piece. Each time taking the skin off with it. Smashing the mask was bad enough, what with it still being attached to my face! I fathomed the love child between Freddy fucking kruger and Tom cruise in Vanilla sky!
Sin had stepped up. The lady of the Mask had…adbicated…nothing to do with me, honestly!
The book had started to show me my true potential. But, unfortunately, it also revealed my weaknesses.
The former head of the Iron Mask discovered this…don’t worry, I’m sure she won’t say anything. Unless she said something before she left?
It’s possible. Maybe I should pay Sin a visit. He wouldn’t recognise me now…there’s a thought.
If nothing, through all this…pain, I had learned to bide my time. Time was on my side in all matters. For the man who does not grow old is forever new.
It was time for the Mask to be purged. Only, I hadn’t realised that it already had been. It took me years to figure out that they kicked me out, and not the other way round! Still, I did manage to take one with me. The most important piece on anyones chess board, the one that towers over the kings, withered shoulder.
I needed a holliday. Time to start again. If I could I would have pressed the clear history button right there and then…but then there was still the book. The book was a link that could not be formatted.
I settled in my seat and slowly stretched my tight face in the warm light of the sun, before reopening my beloved book and again biding my time.
Vengeance, it only gets better with age. Besides, I’m not getting any older.  so, whats the rush?


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2 responses to “Turning a new leaf

  • field of thorns

    HG, “Smashing the mask was bad enough, what with it still being attached to my face!” Oh my, peeling it off piece by piece! LOL! Brave, yet painful! Poor Henry is just a glutton for punishment it seems, fortunately his book should give him some comfort, and a greater understanding about himself. Love this line, “Vengeance, it only gets better with age”, especially because Henry is forever young and possibly forever old, and has time on his side! Wonderful!


    • Henry Game

      I just had to re-read this one, it has been a little while since I wrote it. Ah yes, shit rolls down hill and stops with Henry!
      Always has, discovered in a Wednesday, Father Game would say that “Wednesdays child is full of woe…” I guess he was right.
      Thanks for visiting this post. Thank you for commenting and making me smile.

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