It wasn’t long after the treaty of versailles was forged that we realised what a machine of oppression we were creating. And such an efficient machine it was.
Never before and never again will the world make the same mistake. The machine had to be broken down.  The second world war had to happen, sooner rather than later.
I had been elevated to a position of great influence within the ranks of the Iron Mask. Only one problem now remained: she still resided on the throne.
Grim had been responsible for the relapse in Russia, as was to be expected: Grim is efficient. But I, I had ensured the involvement of the Americans. That was the key to victory.
The Order has great reach in the states and I with the order.
I believed that them bridges were burnt, so you can imagine my surprise when the Archbishop reached out to me. I was somewhat moved.
They reminded me of something I had almost forgotten. And ever since my face had itched. I remembered what I was and when I returned to my chambers I was surprised to see the re-emergence of the book given to me a long time ago.
Relentlessly my face rebelled.
I could see the mistakes we made, I made. The treaty should never have been forced through.
No amount of money can justify the evils uncovered by war.
We were apart of the machine. We was the face of it. The mask of it. My mask had started to smart. After all these years.
It all changed again when I eventually opened that book.
Now I remember who I am.


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