Three’s a party

Ok, so I could definitely tell that I had had one too many brandys, but this was not the cause of my total body paralysis, I’m sure of it.
   The Hand sat there smiling at me occasionally as the drug kicked in. He and the sneaky servant shared the occassional muffled german words whilst they moved the furniture around. Disgusting language.
   I could still move my eyes, unfortunately for me as I could see that they were assembling a torture table. I gurgled my pleasure at seeing such a majestic contraption.  The wrist restraints had blooded bolts that looked like they could be screwed in slowly, half a turn at a time. I farted, it was totally involuntary,  they both looked at me, their faces somewhere between disgust and surprise. I laughed, in my head anyway. In reality it was just another gurgle. Fuck them! I hope you fucking choke on it! It was thick and rich, it was perfect.
   They each stopped talking for a moment when another, larger man entered the fray. I couldn’t see him from where I sat, but I could see that The Hand had to look up to see him, that told me he was big. A shadow dropped over me from the rear. I could hear his breathing close. I could sense the moisture from his over coat. His foot squelched as he stepped toward us.
The sneaky servant reached for something out of sight. But whatever it was, he didn’t get the chance. A loud bang from behind me saw the servant’s chest and guts ripped open as he was decorated all over the marble surround. The flames hissed and crackled as blood and innards finely coated the back wall and fire place.
‘Game, you ok?’
   It was Grim, I whooped for joy, but again all I could muster was the gurgle. The Hand backed away towards a window.
‘When we heard that The Bastard had arrived, we assumed one thing!’
   Funny, I hadn’t thought of it that way. The Hand does have a point, come to think of it.
   Grim didn’t speak for a moment but he did lower his shotgun. He had walked around into my field of visison. His over coat was thick with blood and, what looked like, mud.
‘Well now you’ve got both, Grim and The Bastard. What does that tell you, what do you assume now?’
   I gurgled again…I think they knew I was laughing.


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