The Hand that feeds you.

‘For the last fucking time: ich spreche kein Deutsch!!’ I think I pronounced the words correctly, yet still he insisted on speaking to me in german. The man wore gloves, black ones and an expensive looking smoking jacket. His people had patted me down for concealed weapons before I gained entry. Armed gaurds at the gate had the red sign crudely painted onto their black over coats. The nuzzles of their automatic weapons peeped from beneath their dry but miserable sanctuary. Even the driver, who also did not seem to understand that I did not speak german, wore plain black gloves. I thought the Black Hand insinuated something more sinister than just leather gloves! But I suppose it is not much different to mine own, twisted and nefariously clandestine organisation: The Iron Mask, were we literally wear iron masks! Some more than others.
If you think about it it seems ridiculous…it wasn’t, I promise you that much.
‘ Ich weiß.’ There he goes again! I stood up to leave, sending a fine spray of rain from my anorak.
‘Forget it. I-
-Mr Game, please sit down.’ He said with beautiful pronunciation.
‘All this time?’ I demanded. It had only been about five minutes. But, as you may have deducted, I am inpatient. He started to laugh. I still stood, irked.
‘Come, sit. We have much to discuss. Cigar?’ He offered out a highly polished wooden box of cigars. I accepted and felt a little bit better. I was getting ready to fight my way out. But this was…this was different,  easier, better. I could definitely get used to this. He offered to fill a crystal tumbler glass with what looked like brandy. And again I accepted. The fire roared in the background while the wind and rain howled against the stained glass windows.
‘Please, let me take your coat.’ He clapped and a servant appeared from somewhere that forever eluded me.
‘My lord Hand, will your guest be staying for dinner?’ He raised his eyebrows at me in question. I laughed and made myself comfy in my chair. I could absolutely get used to this.
‘As long as you can make it fit through a straw!’ 


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