New Look

Ha! If I had just listened and submitted to wearing the damned mask, then I wouldn’t have found myself in immeasurable pain. Still…it was the kind of pain that reminds you that living without pain, is a fantasy that you took for granted. I took for granted. These bastards knew they couldn’t kill me, and it’s my guess that they knew I wouldn’t wear it, not by choice anyway. And now I had no choice at all! The fucking thing had been branded onto my face. My skin smoked and hissed as it was seared away by the white-hot, inside cover of the mask. The feeling was truly unique. They kept me tied down for what must have been months. Dripping water and soup through the straight slit  that protected my teeth from the mask. I couldn’t even speak. To try and move my lips, before they healed caused a furious phenomena that crippled me from even thinking. Laying there, alone, I absorbed myself in fear. That was when he came in. And he showed me kindness again. It started with him just talking to me. Telling me about the weather outdoors and then of events that were occuring around the globe. I even started to take interest. He wore the mask of wrath. He was known simply as Sin.
They eventually released my restraints.  The mask was one with my face, it was at one with me. And I with it.
I attended meetings and was given free roam of the palace. Stories of Grim Catspaw echoed like gossip in the halls of that, that, world of isolation.
The name Henry Game had been burned away with my face. They called me the Bastard of Bolton, my trade name. My mask, looking at it in the mirror, bore the face dedication.  At the meetings I was given an honorary position by the side of Sin, one down from the Iron Mask herself.
Grim returned from Europe.
Our time had come.
They released me to wreak havoc. My outlook on existence had changed, for the moment. Germany was war mongering.  And we were sent to make sure it happened. Money was to be made from war. And kingdoms needed money to rise up.
It did not take long for tales of ‘The Bastard’ to begin circulating and spreading fear into the hearts of enemies of the Iron Mask.


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5 responses to “New Look

  • zeebam

    “Still…it was the kind of pain that reminds you that living without pain, is a fantasy that you took for granted.”

    Being a submissive, this line struck a particular chord for me. There was a point in my life some years ago where I endured a rather intense two-hour long beating from my Dom. To this day words can barely describe the feeling I experienced when the beating finally did stop..

    Knowing you are not going to die and knowing eventually, despite intense, searing pain, that it all will come to an end. ..God, the moment the pain finally stopped… That. That is what I lived for.

    I’ve yet, to this day, to feel anything quite so pleasurable.

    . .. .

    Nothing quite relating to your story, I’m afraid.
    But, as stated, the line struck a chord for me, and I thought I would share.. As your words are quite true, whatever the setting.


    • henrygame

      Henry and pain are very familiar with one another, I’m glad you recognised its sincerity. Also, managing to reveal a little bit more about yourself in the process.
      Thank you for sharing

      • zeebam

        ::smiles:: Why, of course! Although, nearly all the work on my blog is completely non-fiction… So I’m not hiding *too* much behind the curtain over here. lol ;P

  • charlypriest

    Now this was really scary, actually you always scare me but either ways I´ll shot you an email today or tomorrow and tell you about a little surprise maybe you´re interested in accepting. I´m actually a judge, can you believe that?

    • henrygame

      A judge of character? Or a judicial judge? Or a talent show-x factor-esque judge? Or maybe…yeah, maybe, I hope so, more like judge Dredd and you go round killing mother fuckers!
      And I am looking forward to hearing your proposal, mi amigo!

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