Play fight.

It felt like it had been years since I had last had an actual fight with someone who didn’t die within the first ten seconds. We had met up with Grim on the road and stopped in a grand old house not too far from Nottingham. Me and Grim had been sparring for a little over two minutes now, and, to give him his due, Grim could damn-well hold his own. He swung his hairy chunk of an arm toward my head in a fient, whilst full-force front kicking with all of his weight to catch me flat. That would have felled a fucking tree! If I had let him hit me, that is. I ducked from his blatantly obvious decoy punch before, in one quick footed side-step, I rendered his kick redundant.  And to make it worse it had left him extremely vulnerable and surprised. I even had time to wink at him before I sent my fist crashing down on to his clavicle. His shoulder dropped and he crumpled onto his side. This is when I would end him, under normal circumstances, but seeing as though we were merely pretending, I decided that a broken collar bone was harsh enough punishment. But still, he got off lightly! The room drew silent as Grim crashed to the mat. They were stunned, probably because he was defeated by such a small man, or rather I should say small compared to him. Grim is a fucking giant! I faced the room in a challenge to those who looked on, silent, but was brought back to the mat when a strange, high pitched moan caught my attention. It was coming from the balled up from of Grim. I bent over to check him out but then realised that he was laughing. He rolled out onto his back and smiled through his pain face at me. He held out his good arm, I pulled him back to his feet. Now he respected me, I don’t know what he thought before, but if I’m being honest, I couldn’t give a fuck what he thought of me, or what any of these other fuckers thought. I turned and headed for the doors.
‘Game…almost had you there!’ I stopped by the door to look at him. His arm folded across his chest.
‘No you didn’t.’ I responded before leaving him to his pain.


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4 responses to “Play fight.

  • Leigh W. Smith

    Aha, the plot thickens, HG. Other than a giant, Mr. Grim is perplexing, so I’m eager to find out more about him. Very vivid scene-setting in the pub, with the Rolls-Royce, and now this fight scene.

    • henrygame

      For reasons I have been unable to work out, your comment was logged as spam! However, I have corrected it. Thank you for reading and commenting. The fables of Grim Catspaw are illicit and unnerving. I warn you from reading further. You may just find yourself slipping down the rabbit hole!

  • charlypriest

    Henry, you´re actually a violent person……hey, if need back up I can be there in a couple of hours which is what will take me to swim the pond.

  • henrygame

    Sometimes violence and vile language, excessive use of both I might add, can be the only way to remedy a situation. A situation Henry often finds himself in, sadly.
    Thanks for the support though brother

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