‘As it was written: The Lord of Lords, our heavenly father bore his first creation. A son, to rule as his equal. And, his beloved was seated to the right of the divine and ruled over all the Angels in heaven.’
I blinked hard. Why was this old fool reciting some biblical passage to me? Does he think I have come to be converted, again? Shit. Maybe I have.
‘Well that sounds great.’ I said as I shot to my feet and turned to leave,  preferably before he starts again. I felt a cool hand on my shoulder.
‘Wait, there is more.’ My patience had officially run out.
‘Oh I am sure there is father. But, the thing is I am not interested in fucking hearing it!’ He removed his hand from my shoulder. Good, at least I will not have to break your hand.
‘I know what you are.’ The words hung in the staleness of the empty chapel.  I had stopped. What do you mean!
‘I beg your pardon?’ I menaced as I approached him. However, he did not flinch in fear instead he opened his arms to embrace me. I drew my dagger.
‘You are not like us’ he began as he gripped my forearm and dragged the edge of my blade across his open palm.
‘We mortals!’ He spat as he clinched his hand and the blood dripped from his fist.
‘I bleed.’ I objected. I wasn’t sure why I felt like I needed to defend the vulnerability of my skin, but…and I sure as all hell wasn’t going to cut myself to prove it to him. But something in his glittering eyes held me. He knew what I was, but the funny part of all this was, I didn’t even know what I was.
‘Yes you bleed. But no weapon made from the hands of men will kill you. This, you already know.’ He said as he slowly circled me as if inspecting his live stock at the markets.
‘Equal in every way except one…for the Lord was not ruled by anything but his son was ruled by his heart, as-‘
‘-for the love of God, just fucking tell me!’ The old man’s smile grew even wider. I felt like a fly caught in the web of the spider.
‘No, not God Henry. You are not of his creation, you are the work of his son.’
‘His son?’
‘Archangel Satanael. Or better known, simply, as Satan.’
‘Shit…’ I breathed in realisation.  All the bad things I had done started to finally make sense. I am a monster, a true monster.


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