The order of St Oswalds


I returned to the chapel. More than four hundred years had passed since I left on my personal crusade of righteous revenge. Funnily enough, as I stood at the door of the ancient church I looked up. The sky was overcast and threatening.  I thumped on the huge door once more. Rain was coming, I could smell it. The barren land to the side of where I stood echoed with the horror of the flames that engulfed my home. Or what was…now, it has been erased from existence. I felt moisture on my cheek. I looked up again and saw no rain, then I realised, I was weeping! I pounded the door with my clenched fist and left dents in the sun bleached paintwork of the plain red door.
I turned away and headed back up the stone slabbed path. I wanted to turn back and walk over the earth that raised me. I hoped that the well still stood. Probably not, probably destroyed. 
‘Yes?’ Called the weary voice from behind me. I turned and looked into the eyes of the old pastor whom remained half hidden behind his door of isolation. He opened his door wider and a knowing smile spread across his face as he walked toward me. I paused and actually felt a little unnerved by him. He looked like he knew me and even looked happy to see me! I thought of turning and leaving again, but something he said stopped me dead in my tracks. A simple statement that felt like home. And as the rain began to pour so too did my own tears as he softly said;
‘You have returned’


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2 responses to “The order of St Oswalds

  • field of thorns

    HG, this is the kind of post that makes Henry so vulnerable, almost human, so much so, that I forget that he is on a “personal crusade of righteous revenge”. I can’t believe he is even weeping! I like this very much, showing his very deep duality!


    • Henry Game

      Thanks Pippa!
      Everyone comes from somewhere, has a beginning. Some, like myself, don’t have the luxury of starting at the beginning, but hey, we can’t have the best of both worlds, can we? Henry has a home, had a home…Oh dear. I don’t want to give anything away. Sorry and thanks Pippa.

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