Me, with all my morals and righteoussness! Bah! I am no different than that egotistical fat man on the throne. Given one target to aim for I will happily churn my way toward it through whoever, or whatever, decides to stand in my way. However, show me more than one target to aim for and things can get complicated. Although, my very own personal crusade had to come to an end one day, I just never thought it would be this day. With me kneeling at the feet of the King.
Fat Henry surrounded by his polished shits. Everyone of them literally rattling inside there armour. Point your fucking crossbows at yourselves! Don’t you remember what happened last time you managed to have me seemingly at a disadvantage?
The blood-bath. surrounded on all sides and out numbered by 300/1. Me, literally caught with my trousers down in that valley. I hear the locals now refer to that place as Bath, however, I would say it was more like a shower.
‘Rise Lord Game!’ Heat surged into my temples. I could fucking squash you and you know it. I stood as the grin spread across his face. He waved a hand and the shaking arms quickly lowered their crossbows. The tension deflated around the room.
‘The Guardsman’ I said through the tension and mu gritted teeth,  ‘a soldier of the Vatican you say?’
‘Yes. Grave times are ahead of us. The Roman Catholic Church has shunned England. The Guardsman are no longer welcome on these shores I assure you. The pious are fleeing back to the Holy city as we speak!’
‘Rome?’ I questioned simply.
‘Yes, Rome. I will grant you passage on a trading vessel to France, however from there you must travel alone. England can have no ‘overt’ part in the assassination of the Pope.’
‘And nor will it.’ I turned on my heel and headed straight for the barricaded doors. The guards jumped out of the way as they realised I was heading straight for them.
‘And Henry’ called the King. I turned and looked him straight in the eye. Balls to formalities!
‘Yes?’ I asked impatiently.  The fat man smiled again showing his grey teeth.
‘Make sure you tell him the King of England said…FUCK YOU!! HA HA HA!!’ I turned and stormed out of the room blood boiling behind my temples as he laughed himself into a coughing frenzie.


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