Overcast. It was overcast the first time I saw a man killed. That man was the man who found me. Who saved me, the one who raised me.
It wasn’t quick, like you see in all these Hollywood films, it was pathetically slow and agonising. The sword flashed with the glint of the sun momentarily before it embedded itself in his chest. It even poked through the other side. However, not far enough to rip the rough brown robes. Time virtually stopped. My young legs took flight toward him but with my eyes fixed only on the Guardsman who had assaulted him. He laughed as I advanced, faster then any Human could. I remember taking a small amount of satisfaction as I noticed his forehead crease and his adams apple swallow nervously when he realised that I wasn’t ‘normal’. He readied himself for my advance, even retreating a step to square up his stance. He yelled something at me, but I couldn’t hear him for the wind rushing past my ears. The last words he ever said were lost in the wind. He choked on his own blood.
Then he died…


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10 responses to “Overcast

  • belsbror

    No more can be said than tragic.

  • henrygame

    It was, as it was the first time. But sadly, not the last.

  • charlypriest

    Powerful, I like that you keep your stories short. Also hard to keep them short and make them have some type of sense with your surrealism.
    You are not normal…..scary shit! But cool

  • field of thorns

    HG, okay, I’m just seeing your stars. I don’t know why, I expected you to be in the Land of Dreams, but here you are. I have just read “Overcast”. Wow, so much said, and so much detail in so few words, amazing! This is rather sad actually, and time really does stand still in these instances. You’re excellent with the smallest details, creating a mood for the reader, and a superb visual. How sick am I, that I am pleased that you got retribution? Yes, these “short pieces” that you write are very addicting!


    • henrygame

      Maybe your monster is surfacing too?
      Maybe things would have turned out differently for Henry Game if this mindless slaughter had not happened. Maybe, but I seem to be so good at what I…killing, maybe this was always meant to be the way for me.
      Thanks for the read, starting with the beginning may help see the remainder in a clearer, more informed, light.
      Not sure what you meant be Land of Dreams?
      Thank you Pippa

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