Wattpad, here comes Henry!!

Yes, it is me again! Prolific and damned annoying,  I know!
But, a wise man has told me (Henry) to “get on that wattpad thingy, Henry!”
And so, as he said, I am taking his advice and getting on it.  I would like to invite any, if any,  already blog hungry fans of Henry’s mind farts to come and read what Henry will be laying at the table. And when I say table, I mean wattpad thingy, and when I say thingy, I don’t mean anything, in fact I just mean .com.
So, all bullshit aside, who’s coming with me??
(Maybe they didn’t hear me)
I said, who’s coming with me!!
(Echo, echo)
…2nd tumbleweed followed by the sound of the wind blowing open a loose gate…
Looks like I am going alone then.
Don’t worry about me. I can look after myself.
I’ll be back. Don’t wait up for me, tinsel town!!

Its a confidence Game

Confidence can make all the difference in a person. It can make the rest of the world realise your talents. Or it can highlight your deluded perception of yourself. Either way it is powerful.

Alcohol brings it out in us, amongst many other things, it brings forth the “I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks, blah blah blah” spiel. And that’s just it. Confidence, the tricky bloody sod, can be broken down. It isn’t just one emotion; its two!
I break it down like this:
One part self belief,
One part arrogance.

I know your thinking right now that I am talking out of my sphincter,  maybe I am. But I will stop, I promise! Ahhhh, no I won’t…

Also, accomplishment brings it out in us. We become an elevated version of ourself. Looking down from our place most high. Sanctimoniously, I suppose.  I see it in others. I have seen in it in myself. I try to keep away from that which makes my moral compass twitch. Sometimes my eye twitches. I look like a spooky bastard. They say it is called a lucky twitch. I say it is fucking annoying, and in fact I am unlucky to have it happen to me. I digress, confidence as a complete package is quite beautiful but, it can carry unfortunate passengers with it. It is quite fascinating. People are fascinating.  I like them…people, that is. Not all of them mind! I couldn’t eat a full one!!

Ok, weird rant thing over. Thank you for tuning in to radio Henry.

Remember: if it hurts, stop playing with it!

The stories of our life

Everybody wants something, fact. And this ‘thing’ we seek always requires some sort of effort, another fact. Now, just to make things spicey, there is usually always something that stands in our way, an obstacle of sorts? That typically leads us down paths seldom trodden, by us. Venturing out of our comfort zones in order to reach that treasure we tend to walk the line of temptation. Where it becomes easy to stray. Where we find ourselves, our true self.
The twist. We either choose to change for better or worse, or we don’t.  We either get what we want, or we fail. But. sometimes failure isn’t the worst outcome. We learn to live with ourselves after everything that has happened. How will change affect us and the worlds we live in?
Exciting times ahead.
I cannot wait for the story of life!

Anger management

Anger, it lingers within. It matures over time and festers into something…more. Something hideous if left or ignored. I try to capture anger and convert it into something creative.  That is God’s true gift to us.  The ability to create with almost limitless possibilities.  God or whatever you believe in. Aliens? An elephant with 6 fucking arms, whatever! Anger is dominant.  Right now I am angry. You know what, I ain’t angry I am pissed off…that’s worse than angry.  How best to release that pressure?  Explain it? Articulate my feelings into a blog? Yeah, that’s what I do. It is far better than punching shit. I know people that punch shit and smash things. I think it is absolutely ridiculous, it’s childish. Anyway, enough of them weirdos lets talk about me and my weird anger issues!
I, ahhh, don’t feel quite as angry anymore. Yep,  that did the trick.
Fuck anger and all its angry shit. Angry bastard. Im angry with being angry!!!
I would like to leave now.
I am going.

Oh oh, he’s back playing games!!

I feel like a steam train that has run out of steam! Or like a super soaker 3000 in the middle of a nation wide hose-pipe ban. The equipment is all there but no ammo!
Plenty of ammonia though…eh?
I say weird things sometimes.  Sometimes I don’t even know why.
I’m going to a ‘Duck do’ tonight.
Say it…
Say it…I dare you.
If you like a load of chocolate on your biscuit,  join our …?
Say it!
You just said it didn’t you? Don’t lie! We’re all bloody grown ups here. Look, you can lie to me, you can lie to your Mothers, but you cannot lie to yourself.
What? Winners don’t cheat and cheaters don’t win. Except when they do, because they cheated. Cheating bastards. The referee’s a ….?
Say it…
Henry says touch your nose.
Do it.
Bollocks to this, I’ve got bigger fish to fry…


Surprising nomination

Today, and totally out of the blue, I have been nominated for an award. Very inspiring blog award, I think?
Nominated by somebody whos blog I regularly read. And like!
The thing is, I just never knew that she liked my blog too. People click the star, they click it and probably don’t read it. I admit, I have done it too in the past. What? I’m not perfect, but I think I have already covered that one before. But when she sent me a message I was positevly shocked and surprised.  It was very nice. Oh yeah,  the very kind person is called lisalisted, you should definately check her out if you like effortless and humourous blogs that are a pleasure to read.
I have never seen or even heard of people being able to nominate. Can I do it? There are lots of blogs that I would nominate. There are lots of blogs that I wouldn’t, so this is me, bouyed by the possibility that my words are finally starting to reach you.

We started at worlds apart. Now all that stands between us, is words. HG

Not quite Human.

I am trying to find a place where I belong,
Its like I’m a part of this race on the surface;
But beneath I’m a whole different species.
Why do people never remember my  face,
Or my name? Why do I always kind of feel out of place?
I can pretend, I always do, to fit in.
Friends and family are supposed to be kin.
But then, you see your fucking kin they don’t know you,
They say you’ve changed, and you’re no longer the same.
And so you,
Believe that there is no place to go.
But dare to look deep enough, you will know,
If you love yourself then you can stand tall and be strong.
It’s ok to grow against the grain and be different,  its not wrong.
You can be who you are and you are right where you belong.
I enjoy my own company and I like to think on my own.
I like to tap blogs with my thumbs, I like to write on my phone.
I like to express what I feel into the blogs I create.
In the hope that I can reach someone out there like me, who relates.

The end.


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