Overcast. It was overcast the first time I saw a man killed. That man was the man who found me. Who saved me, the one who raised me.
It wasn’t quick, like you see in all these Hollywood films, it was pathetically slow and agonising. The sword flashed with the glint of the sun momentarily before it embedded itself in his chest. It even poked through the other side. However, not far enough to rip the rough brown robes. Time virtually stopped. My young legs took flight toward him but with my eyes fixed only on the Guardsman who had assaulted him. He laughed as I advanced, faster then any Human could. I remember taking a small amount of satisfaction as I noticed his forehead crease and his adams apple swallow nervously when he realised that I wasn’t ‘normal’. He readied himself for my advance, even retreating a step to square up his stance. He yelled something at me, but I couldn’t hear him for the wind rushing past my ears. The last words he ever said were lost in the wind. He choked on his own blood.
Then he died…

Perfectly fine with not being perfect

Perfection.  It isn’t a real word, it is a fantasy. A word made up to give us something to strive for. Strive for but never reach.
These flaws impregnate our character, creating barriers that restrict us from reaching that farcical illusion.
What happened to us, to all of us?
‘Made in God’s image?’
1st testiment perhaps.
No, we didn’t become corrupt by eating the apple, it was the splinter that broke our skin and healed over instantly that became the thorn in our side. The chip on our shoulder. The forbidden tree. Verboten. Tree of knowledge. How is it knowledge corrupts? Makes us evil? Makes us in independant? Yes that’s more like it. We have the science to create our own worlds now. Now we are Gods. Maybe this is why we are so flawed?
Nobody is perfect, and why the hell would you want to be?

Game hurt

Awake, on a mid summer’s night

On a mid summer’s night,
whilst the laboured breathing
of light, sleepless, traffic
yawns it’s self to and fro,
outside my window,
I lie quiet. I stay still.
On this mid summer’s night,
the journey of strangers
crash down on my walls,kindly,
just as waves lapp
against the warm sand of
foreign shores. Each
passing, each
wave is a bucket of cold
water doused on my
dreamers fire. A kindling
of muse yearning to spark
into wild life.
Yet still,
with each traveller my imagination
cannot help but latch on.
Like a leech, my elasticated
mind gets dragged away from me.
Now I go with them onto strange tides.
The waves lessen.
All that remains is the breath
of the sea…

I’m not a blagger, I’m a blogger. Now blog off!!

Bloody blogging boggles the brain!
By the way(or btw) brethren, breaking bad blew my balls off!!
Blood and ball bag went bouncing, boing boing! all over the bed. Brand new bloody sheets just bollocksing bought the bloody bright blue buggers!!
Bastard bitches!
Bye bye!

P.S. this is the most stupid thing I could think of. I hope it does not disappoint.

Greetings: which way doth thou find most suitable?


Picture courtesy of google page 1, search term: Hello. It’s the one that looks like this one

The many different ways to say “hello” by Henry Game.

There once was a man who could not decide on how exactly to say hello to the other people he would meet. There was just soooo many different ways to say the same word that in the end he just gave up and said “hey” or “whatup” whilst tilting his head back and slightly closing his eyes. It looked really great. And, believe it or not, he discovered that it basically had the same effect on people as a replacement to the old fashioned regular greeting.
He went on to great things.
He eventually died though…it was terribly sad. Now he’s proper dead, I think. ‘Brownus breadus’ is the latin phrase for it I think. Anyway, bye!

The End.

A little bit extra.

Hey guys!
I know I have already met my ctiteria for the day, but hey! Here I am again…this is bonus material. Like a hidden track on a music album. Except, its totally free. (For fweeeeee!!)
And just to make things interesting, I have no idea why I am even writing this, ahhhh, blog.
I know!
In fact, forget about the bonus material, this isn’t an extra track. This is more like an aimless skit that has accidently been recorded onto the album. This blog is spherical………… (wait for it)…………….(have you guessed yet?)…………yeah, it’s bloody pointless. I’m sorry for wasting your time.  Good night
Game absconded.

It takes all kinds of people to make the blah blah blah

So, now you have a drunken ‘Lord Game’.
And, whilst I still have my wits about me I must apologise for any offence I may or may not cause…
Ahhh, folders:scrunchers, lickers:biters, generous:greedy, nippers:grabbers, bums:boobs, dark:blonde, selfish:selfless, sincere;
:two faced.
So yeah, it takes all kinds. I know just about every kind of person there is…some didn’t make the list. Some didn’t have opposites. But, as with each attribute there is almost always a dark side. I am a folder, biter, generous,  grabber that loves boobs and brunetes. Im selfless, sincere and two faced.
I am not a saint or Jesus or mother Teresa.  I am not perfect but this is what makes me real. And if you think about it, neither are you. So next time you get on your high horse and flippantly start to judge others, (although I am addressing you directly I am actually talking figuratively) remember that your not perfect either. None of us are.
But in a way,  we kind of are!
Contradiction is the key ingredient in a religious cake.
It’s spicy!
I like spicy shit. Sorry, I mean “Henry likes spicy shit”.
Drunkeness makes Henry forget about the whole 3rd person spiel that he wished he never started!
Henry has built something quite wonderful this weekend. 
Henry has also lost 2st 8lbs since March.
Henry is giving away too much information. Henry has blogging turrets-FUCK OFF!!

Love ya
Game dissolved


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